MLR004 // MachineCode

MachineCode - aka Current Value & Dean Rodell - is a project formed out of true respect and passion for dance music with its origins deep-rooted in Techno. Neither artist needs introduction to any of the scenes they have been busy infiltrating, as these two heavy-weights of underground electronica have been continually releasing tight cuts and forward thinking music for over 20 years between them to date.

MachineCode have released 3 full length LPs to date, with a number of appearances on EPs and 12”s backing up these titanic manifestos. Their first, exceptionally forward thinking LP, 'Environments', comprised a slab of heavy and experimental and cross-over variants of DnB, Techno and Dubstep – experimenting deeply with the amen break and their ¼ step ideas.  This was followed up in 2013 with their 2nd LP, ‘Under The Sun’, with a much more DnB focussed agenda and spanning both their trademark experimentalism, but also including some DnB arena anthems. 2014 so far has brought their much praised 'Velocity' LP which saw further experimentation along the bandwidth of their NeuroTechnic sound, as well the 'STEMS' LP  - an LP curated by them and remixes from some of their favourite acts. A new album, 'SAMURAI' has just been announced for the Ad Noiseam label - with this mix containing plenty of the forthcoming tracks....

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Thousand Yard Stare - Underhill
Ghostly Blossom - Jan Amit (Forthcoming Tympanik Audio)
The Arrow - Picota & Kumbh  (Forthcoming Kosen Prod)
Ricochet - Cause4Concern (Forthcoming C4C Recordings)
In The Lab Remix(Disprove) - Anders Eisenberg
Xylem - The Sect 

Tracklist n/a

Sankhara - The Thing With Five Eyes (available now)

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