MLR001 // Flint Kids

Our new weekly show has arrived! A deep and layered sonic odyssey from the incredible, complex and cinematic producer // sound designer FLINT KIDS

"After making music in their bedrooms for many years, the introduction of computers to their setup and the start of a monthly night at public life in 2004; Interakt, saw Flint Kids officially enter Londons underground party scene. Following playing on bills with Ceephax Acid Crew, Starkey, Michael Forshaw, Si Begg and many more, they self released 3 singles on their own Interakt imprint. Later followed remixes on Anti Ghost Moon Ray, Kaometry and Argentina's Abstrakt Reflections, where they released their debut E.P. - Day Nil.

2014 saw Flint Kids perform as part of the live sound crash debut supporting Plaid at the village underground for their Reachy Prints album launch. Aside from music, they also work on sound design for documentaries, largely science based; something that comes through in their sonic aesthetic.

Using a plethora of custom built Max Msp devices, found sounds and circuit bent machines; Flint Kids' music is an orgy of digital and organic matter. Time signatures interweave and quantise is often disregarded, resulting in a rich and tactile listening experience."


MethLab Radio 001 - Flint Kids // On Resonance FM 13 // 09 // 2014


10365_1 // 10365
The Descent // Rob Clouth
Dead To Morrow // VHS Head
IIVA (Extended) // Loops Haunt


Collage Noire ­ Melhesedek ­ FK Remix
Sigur Ros ­ Festival &, Olafur Arnalds ­ We (Too) Shall Rest
Sigur Ros ­ Festival &, Soap & Skin ­ Turbine Womb
Legascred ­ Les Courtilles ­ FK Etreinte Souterraine Mix
My Intent is Clear ­ Defunkt Dialekt
Day Nil ­ FK
Sancerre ­ FK
Sancerre FK & Omnihammer ­ Loops Haunt
K Spring ­ FK
Oblique Berry Oil ­ FK
I.O.D ­ FK
(Off of Xenface) ­ Qebrus

The Baptist - Kreng