Boomtown // MethLab Takeover Photoreport

2014 brought something special for MethLab - our first festival stage showcase at one of the Uk's best festivals - Boomtown Fair. On Friday 8th August, we took over the Bodyshop stage for 4 hours to deliver our special brand of Tech, dragging the future kicking and screaming into the present. Big thanks to both the Bodyshop and Boomtown organisers for giving us the opportunity to showcase some of our finest acts; with Machine Code, Cause4Concern, Deathmachine and The DJ Produceer all bringing the sickness that they are notorious for, and churning the dance. We have a special new project and event entity in the works for next festival season - more details to emerge soon...

If you want to be one of the first to bring our special new project showcase, featuring some of the finest experimental Technical dance acts, and next level futuristic visuals to your city - GET IN TOUCH - 

Big thanks to the Uk-based Ninja Prints for the photos!