New Addition // Signs (C4C Recordings - Bad Taste - Red Light)

We're delighted to announce a new and worthy addition to the MethLab roster, in the form of French Neuro // Tech Drum and Bass trio - 'SIGNS'. Their first release as a trio was a pair of tracks that caught the eye of Optiv, and released subsequently as 'Bash Around' on his personal Red Light Records label. We became aware of this after first catching our attention with their contribution to Bad Taste Recording's 'Soul Synthetic' LP, featuring some of the finest up and coming minds in the world of DnB. Cause4Concern Recordings was next to snatch them up for the 'Indigo' EP, which was released in August (and is available to buy here) from which the track 'Desert Storm' was picked up by Blackout TV (see below).

This quick succession of releases in just a single year has captured the attention of labels and Dj's across the DnB landscape; validated by the trio's incredible production skills, attention to sonic details - and more importantly - a strong creative drive and desire to experiment; which will be very evident in upcoming releases. We've had a chance to hear some fractions of Sign's future output, and I can state that we were simply stunned in the best way possible - you have no idea what's coming, but we can tell you it's special.

Be ahead of the curve and BOOK SIGNS FOR A SHOW BY CLICKING HERE before demand for them goes through the roof over the next year.

You can read their full bio at the bottom of this article, and follow them on Soundcloud here



SIGNS are an upcoming DnB trio with their roots in Toulouse, France. Having all separately made their marks on the DnB scene with releases on labels including Dissected Culture, Chronic, Trouble On Vinyl, Vandal Rec, 36Hertz and Kosen Prod (for whom they also act as an artistic advisor); they emerged into a whole new realm of production after combining their talents. Already hugely respected in the French DnB circuit, they have subsequently exploded into International awareness with 3 massive releases on Optiv's 'Red Light Records', Vega's 'Bad Taste Recordings' and Cause4Concern's "C4C Recordings".

With their releases straddling the Tech and Neuro genres, their sound has massive appeal, and combined with their energetic live show they have the power to send any dancefloor into fits. Following the release of 'Bash Around // Osaris' on Red Light, it became immediately apparent to both them and their peers that they were onto something; becoming fully focussed and locked into the the Opsen Sound Laboratory. Within 4 months, they had written the tracks that would go on to feature on Bad Taste's 'Soul Synthetic' compilation and their full 'Indigo' EP for C4C. Such momentum from the outset in the DnB world is rare, and a sign of something special - with producers such as Audio, as well as Optiv taking careful note and giving support to their evident talent. The trio are continually making further progress in the studio, carefully carving out what is set to be a bright future through their maturing sound. SIGNS is definitely a name to keep a close eye on over the next 12 months, big things are underway!