Review // Signs - Indigo EP - C4C Recordings

C4C Recordings are on the move again, exposing new but powerful talent with an impactful and incredibly well put together EP from French Trio ‘Signs’ – the ‘Indigo’ EP. Based in Toulouse, and well integrated with one of France’s most respectable DnB crews – Kosen Prod, the masterminds behind Toulouse’s Koalition Festival (where Rawtekk and Billain will make an appearance this year); Signs are emerging into the International DnB scene in a big way with this release, following their bold introduction through Optiv's Red Light Records with their track 'Bash Around' and further step forward into the limelight with their impressive track 'Goose Bumps' on label of the moment 'Bad Taste Recordings' - it is clear that this trio is on an elevated path. With their considered and detailed production, reminiscent of elements of Noisia, they have already captured the attention of renowned Djs, such as from Audio who recently played one of their tracks at EDC Las Vegas. Their momentum is impressive, and we can only expect to hear their name more.

The ‘Indigo’ EP is out on C4C Recordings on 18th August – we’ll update the article with a link nearer the time – don’t miss it!!!

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Now.. check out the tracks! // 

‘Desert Storm’ builds eerily, displaying their keen ear for the kind of cinematic and dystopian build-ups we love at MethLab, before dropping into stonking dancefloor mashment or the sturdy kind.


The titular track of the EP, ‘Indigo’, is a very BBC Radio 1 friendly affair, with rave vocals and a subtle kind of uplifting vibe that harks back to the big DnB arena smashers of the early 00’s. Definitely a track that’s going to see plenty of action in the larger dances in the last half of this year.


The penultimate track, ‘Plasma’ is undoubtedly our favourite track from the EP, with its languorous and cavernous opening of undulating pads, like amorphous plasma, punctuated by delicate hi-hats and precisely placed squelch. The drop that this luscious opening builds up to maintains a laid-back but driven Tech Step of the futuristic kind with highly Techno influenced refrains. The filtered organically eq’d kick fills are very pleasing.


The final track, ‘Scalp’ is definitely the other main banger as far as we’re concerned, with a decidedly Neuro flavour in its synthlines, and an undeniably danceable heavy rolling beat cutting through the abundant filtered squelch.  This track also boasts the best breakdown on the EP, displaying some keen sound design skills and a damn kinetic build-up to the 2nd drop - going straight in to claim your scalp.