Review // The Thing With Five Eyes

A new project has emerged from Jason Kohnen (aka the breakcore originator and death-dealing amen break emancipator - Bong-Ra) - 'The Thing With Five Eyes'. Emerging from the embers of the 'Kilimanjaro Doomjazz Ensemble' and the 'Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation' - both entities which graced some of the finest experimental labels in the historical landscape - Planet Mu (back in those heady days...) and Experimedia

The chain of projects began in the hazy past, with the initial intention of soundtracking films that the original band deemed worthy - such as 'Metropolis' or 'Nostaferatu' (watch the originals in full through the links, but we're still hoping the TKDE versions surface someday...). No surprise then that there is a rich cinematic quality running through all 3 projects, reminiscent of 'The Cinematic Orchestra' - to make an obvious correllation. Launching afresh though with this new moniker, 'The Thing With Five Eyes' project seems further unchained - a natural evolution into darkly organic and mystical dreamscapes... The release carries with it the feeling of being chased within opium den hallucinations by long-dead spirits wrapped in decaying mystery. This immersion into mysticism seems purposeful, drawing liberally its ethnic influences... with traces of Gamelan and the kind of haunting chanting that conjures awe so readily.

These influences are pulled together into the maelstrom fusing distorted post-rock and a breed of doom-laden jazz that is quite casually destructive. The tracks drop between walls of sound and the sudden stillness of soulful oases, such as in the ending of 'Meduxae' that gives off waves of pure Euphoria. The album is also delightfully prepared to venture into frenetic breakbeat territory - with 'Amzha' giving off decidedly early-Squarepusher vibes.. which is no bad thing at all.

So, all in all - another fine release for these Summer days and evenings to immerse yourself in between hedonistic festival weekends and outdoor parties...

You can listen to the tracks in full below and then support the project by BUYING THE RELEASE HERE