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Coming up this weekend is the Savage Tales Open Air XXL party close to Bratislava, featuring Cause4Concern, Current Value and MethLab Dj from our roster. We’re super excited about the party, with an incredible natural location on a forested lake, 2 heavy sound systems and a remarkably fat line-up. The Savage Tales crew are putting on some of the most interested and well attended DnB events in Slovakia at the moment, so we decided to catch up with them before the festival to find out what makes them tick, and they kindly put together a mix for us to promote the upcoming event (listen below)

Check the event on Facebook here - MethLab crew churning the dance on 25th - 26th July 2014...



Methlab Agency - Savage Tales Interview mix 2014 by Dj Savage /Therapy Sessions/ on Mixcloud




How did Savage Tales get started?


Miki //

Arpad and I met in subclub about 6 years ago, and after chatting we made a double booking. Then after some time, Arpad brought an idea about his own project and asked me to help. At this point we were working with other guys in the crew, but that was an awful experience, and with my idea for creating a one night open air party with a solid line-up, I realised it will never happen with them, and instead asked Arpad – with both of us of the idea that this can be start of something big.

Árpi //

This group is based on friendship. I am Hungarian but with Slovakian origins, Miki is Slovakian, we met first around 2010 at a gig in Bratislava where I was playing and I bit him :D. With Miki we have a funny idea in this sentence – ‘I dreamed of joining a scene, but as it’s so hard I created my own’. The truth is pretty close to this. We were not beginners before starting Savage Tales. Of course in some areas, but I had worked as an organizer, promoter and stage manager at festivals in Hungary and in other countries also. I coordinated city events, in places such as theatres and cultural centres in my hometown. Originally, my education is in engineering and robotic technology, and yeah you can ask me – ‘what are you doing in the music? Well, with my experiences in the music industry through these years of parties, I met with a lot of styles of organizations, for better and worse. I had an idea and dreamed about an event consisting of what I love. Not necessarily the best in everything, but a reflection of my taste.

Last year we organized a good crew in djing, organization and recordings. I collected the members of Hungarian and International DnB scenes: Mystification, Numek, Migu and Peter Kurten. Migu founded Black Hoe Recordings in 2006 but in the last few years unfortunately he had no time for the label. So we decided to restart Black Hoe in connection to Savage Tales and suddenly lots of new opportunities opened in front of us. We started to release in collaboration with artists playing at Savage Tales, with our release dates in line with our parties. We always try to make something different, something new, something independent and in the last few years I tried to rejuvenate the Hungarian hardcore scene through parties and community meetings. With this harder sound including Gabber and Dark DnB with passionate friends, the artists and label – this is what has started to make the scene that is the Savage Tales Horde….  Otherwise with my MC, my friend and bro Fantom we have an alias performances called Subculture Revolution. You can find out why I am like a revolutionary :)



- How long has Savage Tales been running? How long do you hope it will run?

Miki //

Savage tales started last year in January, so 1.5 years exactly... 

I hope we’ll run this idea until death :D 

Árpi //

We founded Savage Tales 1,5 years ago. It started with smaller events in the early times, but the first big party was exactly one year ago in the same location where we’ll hold this open air - our lovely island, Revistske (under a castle). If everything will go as we hope, I think this will be a long-lived story, because we have the feeling that we are just starting.



- Who is in the crew, do you have any producers involved?

Miki //

The crew is primarily Arpad and I, we have some helpers - not too many, but they are cool.

Here you have all names in the crew:

Peter Kurten, Micromakine, Antichristus, Project Mayhem, Human Error, T-Psy, Necron, Nagato, Mathizm, Mystification, Numek, Migu, Savage, Sinecore, Brainpain, Strange Position 

Arpi //

Miki and me organise the Savage Tales events, venues, transfers and promo. Migu and me do the BHR label. Bega is our insane crew driver and we have a little princess Adrienn who helps us very much in communication and hosting. We work with a visual crew called Keep Watching, who make the aftermovies.


- What's the Drum and Bass scene like in Bratislava - are the harder styles more popular, or do you see some changes in the scene?

Miki //

Bratislava is a capital city but sometimes is not important what just the capital wants if

you know what I mean ... 

For slovakia as country, DnB is really big for subgenres so it’s difficult to say easily, but for commercial DnB like Chase and Status or Netsky, ther will be forever more fans. For the more uncompromising harder sounds like those of Current Value or Gancher and Ruin, now the situation is really positive - it is like a renaissance, and people really appreciate some mix of Hardcore / Neuro / Hard DnB / Crossbreed... 

So now is the time for all kinds of Drum and Bass... 



- What do you think was the best event that you've created so far, in terms of your enjoyment (as opposed to financial success)?


Arpi //

Good question... I can find good memories in all of our events. Financial success is important for enabling the event to continue - but yes, money is not the first point here. There are certainly promoters who make this just for money, and that’s their choice - but before the money I prefer the point that we can give some new and good feelings for the crowd and for us also; to help the culture in the specific area. One of my favourite memories was when we brought Nagato for his first time to Europe, from his home Russia. It was a big moment and he spent 10 days with us after the gig in Budapest, great times to make new friendships. Also, when Gareth (PRSPCT), Maxim and Jason came to us and did a full The Hard Way show, it was one of the first international THW live gigs. For that gig our pal Balázs Pandi came also, he is friend and band member with Bong-Ra in Mertzbow, and he played as drummer in Bratislava on that same night in another club, we had great times together.

Miki //

For me personally it was an open air party with Current Value in far 2009. But when I did the last open air with big help from Arpad and the biggest help from my girl I found out I can do more than I thought before. It was good, but when I saw in the morning nonstop dancing people under stage with the sunrise... that was the best feeling


- Which DJ did you enjoy hosting the most?

Miki //

I’m working all the time, so about every every time someone else from my circle is taking care of the Djs. But I was really happy to meet Dave ‘The Sect’, have a beer with him and nice talk. Justin Counterstrike and also The Hard way guys. Everyone is close to my heart... I mean it for real...

Arpi //

Mainly those who are our friends already, but I can tell you, after few years DJing and working on DnB events; we are in good contact with almost the all of the artists we worked with. My biggest favourite bros are the Antichristus guys Peter Kurten and Sinecore, and the Hallucinator guys Luca and Sygo. We always have great times with Limewax and my biggest surprise was Treo for this year, he is a really good person next to his proper tunes - when we played and spent 2 days together, I just felt that we had known each other over 10 years.



- What do you see as the future of DnB? What parts of the scene do you think will fade away?

Árpi //

Nowadays the Drum and Bass scene has become commercial again. You can find big festivals with fat DnB line-ups, like in the golden age. The Neurofunk and other popular genres are the most visited events now. For the Dark and Hard subgenres, it’s also okay, but not everywhere. Where you find strong producers or label activity, slowly the dark genres are also growing. To say Dieselboy’s words: DnB always changes. You know the dark genres were Techno influenced, hardcore beats, what will be the next?


- Tell us about your venue :D

Miki //

So i think you mean the Island... 

It’s an epic place on the river .. there is really jungle from trees and plants, because for a long time there were no people. We need to bring electricity there, because there are is no supply...

By the island there’s a big beautiful camp and nearby is an old ruined castle. I can’t describe better ... you need to come and see it with your own eyes


- Tell us your favourite 5 DnB tracks of now :D

Miki //

Dj Hidden - Times like these - Forever

Panacea - Found a lover

Limewax - Half lb

Insideinfo - Angel Way

Current Value - Dark Rain ...


Arpi //

Cause 4 Concern – Peep Show (Audio remix)

Kymani Marley – New Heights (DnB remix)

The Supreme Team – Carnival of Doom

Red One - Kung Fu Fresh

Savage + Peter Kurten – Turn me around



- It takes a lot of passion to be a long-term promoter - what drives you?

Miki //

I have no idea ... it’s like a drug for me... 

I guess it’s that feeling when I see the faces tired and sweating the morning after, when all are happy and satisfied ... 


Revolution, to make something different, outside of shit templates designed just to earn money. Make your own world where you are happy with people who think like you



- If you could book any act for your event without worrying about their fee - who would it be?

Miki //

my dream if ill have neverending bank account is lineup 

The DJ Producer, Angerfist, The Prodigy, Slipknot, Slayer, Andy the Core, Detest


on one stage ... one by one :)

Arpi //

Avici b2b Steve Aoki between The Supreme Team and Riot Squad for a Hardcore event, and watch the faces of the crowd when they make them martyrs like in a horror movie.