Cause4Concern // Release Update

Some serious news coming in from the Cause4Concern Recordings camp - after a period of intense studio time, C4C are coming back to the forefront with an incredible series of releases that are set to demonstrate their continuing evolution and relevance within the DnB world.

A series of LPs are planned over the next couple of years, connecting the past to the future - with re-issues of older C4C tracks alongside brand new, fresh and heavy tracks and remixes from C4C themselves and guest artists. Each release will comprise between 10 - 15 tracks, and constitute a killer slab of audio. First up will be 'Richochet' and 'Freeze Frame' (listen to clips of both below).

Following this you can expect a new single from CZA & Optiv (more info to follow when available), and an EP from mighty Maztek -  who is very much the flavour of the month alongside Billain and Mefjus in the Neurofunk world. Featuring 2 remixes of C4C tracks, as well as 2 fresh new tunes - this is a really interesting development. As anyone who's heard C4C playing live recently, or their recent mix for MethLab - they have been straying heavily into Neuro territory, and joining more dots between Tech and Neuro - so this move is definitely one element of their current manifesto to watch eagerly for. Further cementing this is an upcoming CZA remix of another Neurofunk don, Mindscape's track 'Warp Zone' (listen below) - set for release on none other than one of DnB's biggest labels - Commercial Suicide

So, a massive year ahead for the C4C boys - and the perfect time to book them for a show near you. CLICK HERE to reserve your date and book Cause4Concern!