New Release // Billain - Soul Synthetic / Bad Taste Rec



Vegas of Bad Company fame - (any self-respecting DnB head must be familiar with their Tech masterpiece 'The Nine', recently digitally mastered and re-released) doesn't waste any time with his label 'Bad Taste Recordings' - which continues to push forward with an unstoppable Tech and Neuro-laced agenda. The latest release 'Soul Synthetic' which is out now and available to buy through their digital store, cuts straight to the point in detailing their agenda and comprises a fine collection of cuts from Bad Taste artists.

Most fortunately for us listeners, the Soul Synthetic compilation also features an incredible new Billain track - 'Minerva', which you can listen to below. Featuring one of Billain's typically eerie and epic sci-fi-tinged intros with euphoria-inducing pads, that suddenly gives way to an impressive drop designed to get the ravers down to business. Most impressive are the sweeping filtered reverb-laden sounds that occasionally cut across the track, along with some most excellently designed fragments of sound design, that give the track a deeper textural dynamic. Truly another step forward for the mighty Billain - this is a producer who seems unstoppable in his constant drive to explore ever more unexplored reaches of production. You can also check the other tracks from the compilation underneath the Bad Taste Recording logo below.. some real gems there.