New Release // Rise Audio (Billain & Allied)



In what has got to be some of the best news of the week, it looks like London-based DnB label Rise Audio might be putting out an EP soon (release date still unnannounced), featuring Billain and Allied from the MethLab roster, alongside forward-thinking DnB acts - Spanish-born and London-based - Kung and Russian duo Dextems. We'll keep you appraised of the release date as soon as it's unveiled!

Allied's track - 'Thought Reform' is examplary of his unique take on Neurotechnic DnB; a futuristic stripped-down roller of a track with restrained acid carefully balanced against thegritty percussion. Heads down - this is one for the peak hours... We understand that we have a few more unannounced Allied releases to look forward to this year. 

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Hot on the heals of his highly rated 'Colossus' EP, it's a fine time for Rise Audio to release another track of equally high calibre from man of the moment, Billain. 'Device 9' retains Billain's typically auditory hallucinogenic approach to intros; showcasing his extreme skill in sound design. After this pleasurable treat, the track drops into the kind of dancefloor mayhem territory that will churn up the ravers.

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Kung is a producer that we've been familiar with for a while, and one clearly versatile and adept, as his offering here shows. Quite restrained, whilst giving the feeling that the 'wub' is about to burst out of the tracks seams, and occupying a territory that manages to be simultaneously hard and light. 


Dextems approach flat to the ground like African hunting dogs, with a lowkey, melancholic intro that gradually opens out into first warmer and then gradually more intense territory, before flattening out into a fairly flat roller landscape. Accentuated by a poppy DnB vocal, it's less dynamic than the other tracks on the release - but still retaining some interesting edits, and Dextems are definitely an act to watch out for in the future - their last release on Rise Audio 'Tunnels' was sick.