MethLab Guestmix // Fre4knc

For the next instalment of our MethLab Mix Series, dedicated to showcasing uncompromising and experimental artists on and off the MethLab roster; we have one of the most interesting producers from the more minimal end of Drum and Bass - the Dutch-based artist Fre4knc. He first came to our attention with his track for the renowned Samurai Music label - Theropod - in collaboration with Mind Mapper, his partner in running the Dutch experimental DnB Break-Fast label. With a number of releases under his belt, including for Noisia's deeply sick Invisible Recordings (seriously, check Noisia's release 'The Tower'... amazing work...) and Dispatch Recordings; Fre4knc is set for big things in 2014... one to keep an eye on.

Not only is Fre4knc a talented producer, he is in our opinion at the forefront of Dj's across the more minimal genres, with a keen sense of dynamics that ensures that the flow remains both dancefloor and entirely listenable outside of the club. This mix displays that sense explicitly, weaving an intricate and intriguing path that's diabolically listenable.

Check the mix below, as well as his official bio!



Psycho Mantis - Existential Crisis
Posij - Windforce
Fre4knc - Dogger Bank
Reskript - ??
Enorme - Stoneface
Wish - Drudge
Thing - Shine
Freeway - Baraka
Mako ft. Detail - Tell Me Something
Menticide & Demgone - Damage
Arkaik - Crossover Remix
Homemade Weapons - Coalesce
Vince Grain - Drones over Berlin
M-Soul & S27 - Boston
M-Zine, Skepticz & Mtwn - Cobra
Nolige - Bad City
Paragon - Precipice
Fade & KAI - Float Down
Synx - Realness
PLK - Contact
What The Funk - Evasion
Skarpa - Psychosis
Taelimb & Conscience - Public Eye
Mendelayev - Aikido
Thing - Limited
Shaymin - Life Long Struggle
Ricky Force - Bad Rep (Phuture-T Remix)
Dom & Roland - Unofficial Jah VIP


A true DJ at heart with many years of experience, Dutch DJ/producer Fre4knc (pronounced "frequency") has recently been making waves in the studio. Stand out releases for Samurai Music, Dispatch Recordings and Noisia's Invisible on vinyl have made his name synonymous with raw, deep and techy drum & bass for the dancefloor. Next to that he built his reputation at his own Break-Fast events in Groningen (NL), his radioshow on from 2002 till 2012, and as Break-Fast Audio's labelboss. Now in 2014 he’s pushing his sound further with releases set for Samurai Music, Noisia's Invisible and Dispatch Recordings.

With a versatile and infectious style, his tracks have already won support across the scene from the likes of Noisia, Photek, Break, Friction, Black Sun Empire, Fabio, DJ Hype, Icicle, SpectraSoul, Rockwell, Skeptical, Octane & DLR, Amoss, Loxy, Krust, DJ Flight, Gremlinz, Kasra, Ant TC1, Survival, Silent Witness, Doc Scott, Fanu, June Miller, Anile, Stray, Hazard, Amit, Homemade Weapons, Bredren, Mtwn and many more.