Review // Billain - 'Colossus' EP

Experimental and visionary producer Billain has unleashed a mighty slab of powerful and forward thinking tracks on Bad Taste Recordings - the 'Colossus' EP - available to buy now on Vinyl or Digital formats from their online store.

A colossal thing it indeed is, and it's rare to see such a conceptual EP in the world of Drum and Bass. Not content to just put out 4 incredible tracks, Billain has created a package that tells a unique story, including some specially commissioned artwork from the visual artist Enis Čišić and a story set over 4 parts - one for each of the tracks (you can read these on the details of each track on Billain's Soundcloud). The concept is clear, with every part of the media package illustrating a Fiction of the Science kind - matching the incredibly forward thinking nature of the music itself.

'Autonomous' is perhaps one of the most accomplished tracks on the EP -  and effectively demonstrating Billain's approach to experimentation. In his words "The question was: how dense can sub bass be and have gaps on speaker systems where 16" and 18" cones need time to settle?". We're looking forward very much to finding out if the answer to that question is satisfactory when we play this towering work on the nearest available sounds system - but from our listens so far, it seems to be fairly mindblowing and a remarkably fresh idea. Frenetic and psychadelic percussion drives the track, with synthetic wailing that conjures echoes of Sci-Fi soundtracks from films such as Prometheus. At every point of the way of the journey through this track, the sound design is remarkably balanced, dynamic and breath-taking - with the 16 bars following the 2nd drop being quite staggering in its scope. This track is designed for decimating the rave.

'Terminal' is possibly set to be the Neruofunk arena tune of the EP, once again opening up with its mournful Sci-Fi subtle string arrangements and swelling synth - but then breaking into an altogether more Old School Hardcore Neuro rave vibe with nostalgic stabs; following which a full on Neuro banger finds its feet and gets stuck in.

'Red Surface' is another personal favourite - a track that achieves some serious advancements upon Spor's synth work with its gnarly and boisterous bassline. There's no way to listen to this without picturing a horde of ravers being entirely churned up.


The EP's title track 'Colossus' for us represents the main cinematic theme to the EP, providing an incredibly musically rich and epic intro coloured by strings and brass, and 2 Fingers style Hip Hop drop before getting down to business with a truly intense drop into more rolling Neuro, accented by a deliciously distorted and filtered Technoesque synth. UKF have also chosen this track to introduce Billain to their fold, so big things lie ahead!


This release is a must for anyone who loves detailed sound design that's many cuts above the standard - beautifully complex and a truly pleasurable experience to listen through as well as intoxicate the dance.