MethLab Mix Series // Defrag


We have a special guestmix from California based artist 'Defrag', to celebrate the release of his latest LP 'Drown' on Hymen records. He first captured our attention back in 2009 with his 'Lament Element' LP (also on Hymen), which showed his willingness to explore unusual musical configurations, time signatures and ideas. This sentiment is further developed in 'Drown', predominantly dominated by slower tempos whilst exploring an array of experimentaly percussive configurations - backed by grinding synthetic noise and well crafted melodies with a decidedly artificial and futuristic ethos.

His guest mix for us displays his sensibilities perfectly, and his talent for sound manipulation is extremely evident. Running his VFX studio in California - Rainfall and Run Silent, and being responsible for composition and sound design (the showreels are well worth checking out - this company has talent). Moving fluidly between rough beat-driven sections and more sci-fi ambient pastures, this mix will take you on a journey through the imagination. Listen below, and read on for Defrag's full bio and info!

You can also read a full interview with him here, discussing the influence of HP Lovecraft's 'Chthulu' in his work amongst other things...
Guest mix from Defrag

1. Defrag - Everything I Do Is Drown
2. Defrag - "_~_" (Defrag's 1337 illegal character remix)
3. Defrag - Stilt Walkers 
4. Defrag - Stare
5. Jeff Dodson - Stardrive OST - Engaging The Stardrive
6. Jeff Dodson - Stardrive OST - Approaching The Event
7. Defrag - Make Them Real 
8. Defrag - Glass Ship
9. Defrag - Descent
10. Defrag - If You Were A Dream
11. Defrag - The Stones
12. Defrag - Nine
13. Defrag - Optimum Square
14. Defrag - Drown
15. Defrag - This Is It...
16. Defrag - Abyss 1
17. Defrag - Thread 
18. Defrag - A Lighthouse
19. Defrag - Till It Disappeared
20. Defrag - Grin
21. Defrag - The Old Growth

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in 2000, Jeff Dodson and Matt Flego created an industrial/noise experiment called bitstorm. as the duo started playing out more and more, they eventually gained the attention of several record labels and decided to make invisible records their first home. as production on their first full-length album 'self construct' began, Jeff and Matt decided from that point forward to pen their work under the name defragmentation. 'self construct' received critical acclaim from all over the globe and soon the duo developed a hardcore cult following, and the fan given name of defrag. in winter of 2004, Matt Flego departed defrag to explore other paths, and soon after his departure, Jeff found himself at a crossroad. he could either shut the project down and continue his career in vfx, or he could take a chance and keep defrag going. committed he decided to do both. in 2004 Jeff picked up the project and moved to los angeles where he continued doing vfx and simultaneously built his own home studio and library or personal audio work. he left invisible records in the hope of starting fresh.

soon after relocating, Jeff decided to expand his vfx business with 2 partners ( to also include sound design and music composition ( by using the same signature sound that made defrag unique and applying it to his commercial work, Jeff soon had a line of 'a-list' companies and corporations asking for his music to be in their projects. before too long Jeff’s music and sound design was popping up in ad campaigns, video games, and theaters for such clients as, Showtime, Nike, G4, Ferrari, Jägermeister and Philips. Jeff has also overseen projects at the famed 'Skywalker Sound' in California, and rebranded Showtime and G4TV networks.

during this time Jeff redefined his own music and the music of defrag. finally, in 2009 Jeff decided it was time to get back in the music industry and was recruited by hymen records, where he released the first defrag album in five years, 'Lament Element'. In 2014 the album 'Drown' was released to critical acclaim as a 'breakthrough album' and will be followed by another release 'Float' as a themed sister album.