New Release // Rob Clouth LSR011

Out today (28/04/2014) - an incredible new EP from Rob Clouth (aka Vaetxh) on Berlin's 'Leisure System' label. Rob Clouth has put a little distance from his previous, more experimental 'Vaetxh' moniker - refining his sound into more dancefloor-coherent sensibilities. This new EP demonstrates a further development of the kind of attitude that we saw back in 2012 with the release of his 'Cloud Complex' EP. For lovers of Max Cooper (who recently featured another of Rob's tracks in this mix) and those whose tastes encompass a love of complex and deep sound design, precisely intertwined with electronic music with a soul.

'Clockwork Atom''s gentle tones are carried through with a solid but compliant Techno beat, punctuated by mournful refrains that melt the heart before uplifting the mood and setting the stride alongside warm growling bass. At the midway point the breakdown moves into yet more gentle territories, with a lilting percussive melody lifted through the sweeping arcs and enfolding arms of verdant synthtopia; all before dropping into an altogether more boisterous 2nd drop that will inevitably be driving plenty of eager dancefloors wild in the coming months.

'Islands of Glass' is perhaps the standout track on the EP for us, which is probably unsurprisingly why the Leisure System crew chose the track to showcase the EP. Starting from quite a subdued point with a delightfully syncopated 2-step beat and gnarly industrial growling synthline, the track develops into something altogether enlightened once fully unleashed in the 2nd half. Rob's genious-level sensibilities for placement of sounds shines through immaculately, with every piece of percussion and bleep perfectly placed against the divine crescendo of a deeply beautiful bassline. 

'The Descent' is driven by a more cinematic and story telling sensibility, again highlighting the deeply musical abilities of the artist - taking the listener on a journey that is in equal measures organic and synthetic feeling.. something akin to descending into a place far in the bowels of a far away planet or sea, and entering a place of unimaginable and limitless wonders.

We simply recommend that you go and buy this EP immediately - here. This is a piece of work from an artist who is only just at the point of his potential being truly mined, and from whom we expect a great many exciting things. For future bookings, the majority will be going through Leisure Systems, but we can take bookings for ML events and we hope to bring him to a showcase near you - book here