MethLab // XRA Interactive Experience - Teaser and Info

MethLab visual player from xra on Vimeo.

MethLab ( and Datatragedy ( proud to present a unique collaboration in audio and aesthetic ideals; an explorable environment bringing to life the sounds of the artists represented by MethLab agency and friends through the pioneering visual experiments of Ezra Hanson, creator of the highly praised game - ‘Memory of a Broken Dimension (MOBD)’.

The collaboration is an interactive, sonic and aesthetic-focussed exploration game, featuring a startling array of experimental and fresh music (including unreleased tracks) from renowned artists including Plaster (Stroboscopic Artefacts), Broken Note Ninja tune, Ad Noiseam), VHS Head (Skam), Vaetxh (Detund, Schematic), Machine Code (Subsistenz), The Sect (TSM),  Cause4Concern (C4C Recordings), Balkansky (Ad Noiseam), Oyaarss (Ad Noiseam, 3by3) and Kanji Kinetic (Mutant Bass); as well as friends of MethLab Woulg (Terra Null / Infinite Machine), Valance Drakes (Luana) and VNDL (Hymen / Kvitnu).

The music represents the darkly shimmering aphotic range in moods attended to by MethLab– from tear out future strains of experimental Drum and Bass, moody Techno, monochromatic Ambient, Dubstep, rude 4tothefloor and IDM.  But the music is just one part of this environment... Set within a constantly shifting world – a disorienting, semi formless place that beguiles the eye with its complex particle physics and fluid feedback – the soundtrack takes on a life of its own. With exploration and interaction with randomly sliced loops of the tracks, or the ability to unlock full tracks in the player - the environment responds to audio and brings the world to life – absorbing the listener within its moodily psychedelic aesthetic grip... at moments something like staring into the burning liquid embers of a star.

Seattle-based creator of this world, the visionary Ezra Hanson, has been busily constructing his own project, ‘Memory of a Broken Dimension’ for the past few years, with the intention of bringing it to completion in late 2014. His work on the project has been described by Eurogamer as “One of the boldest, most unique aesthetics of any game this year” and by PC Gamer as “A deeply unpleasant assault of harsh lights, jagged shapes and atonal static that makes it weirdly compelling”.  

We will be releasing the MethLab // XRA interactive experience towards the end of March - all of the screenshots below are in-game: