New Release // Rawtekk - Sprouted & Reformed (Med School Music)

Last year's 'Sprouted & Formed' LP from Rawtekk on Med School Music certainly captured our attention, providing a welcome context for previous Rawtekk releases and showing the true experimental range of their style - enough to inspire us to immediately invite them to join the MethLab roster. Now, 8 months after the launch of that LP, Med School Music is following up with a 5 track EP featuring remixes from some of DnB's biggest names in Neuro and experimental production - Phace, Mejfus and Billain - in addition to 2 reinterpretations of their tracks from Rawtekk themselves. All 3 remixes are particularly strong, lending each of the producer's unique sounds to the source material, but perhaps it is Billain's interpretation of 'Amber's Love was like a Marble' that stands out the most for us, with it's Danny Elfman style arrangement lending a curious air to Christine's sublimely unusual vocal.

Rawtekk's 'Neuropop' re-interpretation of their own track 'Snowflakes' is particularly interesting - with it's sensuous soft vocals placed against a backdrop that sounds like very Moderat-influenced DnB before dropping into club arena dancefloor-churning tearout style. Their ambient re-interpretation of the same track shows their brave willingness to step away from beats and into lush soundscape territory; demonstrating once more their inability to be pigeonholed as a DnB act. We can see this towering Euphoric piece being used by many a DJ to provide beautiful breakdowns in otherwise relentless sets.

We're taking enquiries for Rawtekk's live show now and you can book here

'Sprouted and Reformed' will be available on March 10th 2014. Listen to the clips from the upcoming release below, as well as the incredible mix they pulled together for us a little while ago and then make your pre-orders here