MethLab Recommends // Terra Null Recordings


A new label has emerged from the other side of the ocean with a technical agenda that we can appreciate. The intention of the label seems to be to cover a range of tempos, but keeping the emphasis on thoughtful and restrained dancefloors. Label boss Cirrus has had his foot firmly on the shores of DnB for some time, but is stepping forward with his vision through the Terra Null imprint. His titular halfstep track, 'Shiver Shrapnel', sets the tone of the record with it's unsettling but steady percussion and bleak, techy atmosphere. But perhaps it is his other offering to the EP - 'Tension & Confusion' - that entices me more, with it's more low key, understated vibe. L 33's remix restrains the track, sinking into deeper DnB-Techno steppy territory reminiscent of some of the Hidden Hawaii catalogue and with some very nice 3 dimensional feeling sound design on the atmospherics.



But for us, despite the strong backdrop, it is the Woulg track that shines the most on this debut release from a promising young label. Unafraid to be either a Dj's nightmare or dream, depending on your take - the track lilts from its beginning tempo of around 140, up to DnB speeds at 170, and then at the crescendo drops out of it's steady halfstep vibe into something wholly more experimental and refreshing. Excellent sound design, hung on a well balanced structure with plenty of new ideas. Woulg is a producer that it's worth keeping an eye on, and I hope we'll see him on European shores soon.

You can buy the release on June download now from here