New Release and Tour // Machine Code - Velocity LP



The trajectory of Machine Code has been a deeply interesting journey to date. Their first LP – ‘Environments’ represented a fiercely experimental set of electronic statements and interpretations of both faster tempos around the 175 mark and slower rhythms around the 145 mark. Their original manifesto was wide ranging and expansive across multiple genres, while their subsequent 2 LPs have seen them put their focus sharply onto variations of DnB – with their sound becoming even more concise and stripped down, with the results of their painstakingly crafted work being more apparent with each release. Under The Sun was definitely the work of a pair of producers who have a firm intent of their experimentation becoming more accessible to a wider audience, with an abundance of big arena smashers thrown into their mix of experimental tracks.

Now with the release of the Velocity LP coming, it seems that they are finally nailing the compromise between truly forward thinking experimentation, whilst retaining accessibility.  From what we’ve heard, there are some absolutely towering tracks on the album that will no doubt be ripping dancefloors everywhere to shreds. But set amongst these are more intricate half-step tracks that seem to evoke elements of a bygone era in Drum and Bass, with crisp simplicity and beautiful  melody. At times it plunges momentarily into richly ambient territories, only to reach in and pull the listener out by means of complex percussive structures.

We’ll issue a full review of the album when it’s out in March (from the Subsistenz camp). But right now you can listen to the first clips and their promo mix that have been released below, and we’ll keep on updating them as they get uploaded.

We are accepting bookings for the Machine Code ‘Velocity LP’ tour between March and August now, with the first dates already going – better get in touch soon if you want to be sure of bringing them to your city.

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