Deathmachine 3 hour mix - Signal Flow 58

It's been four years since the mighty Signal Flow podcasts began and to celebrate they've had our man Deathmachine put together an awesome 3 hour mix as a treat for you all.  Covering the full span of all things "core" this mix has got it all, including tracks from his debut album Engines of Creation out now on The Third Movement records.

In addition to releasing the album, throwing out mixes left, right & centre and playing all across Europe, Deathmachine also has a PRSPCT XTRM release undeway as well as a collaboration with the legendary Outside Agency.  We can't wait!

Full track list:

Our Introduction (to technology) - Deathmachine
If I Had A Wish - Embrionyc
Eternal Believer - Cubic Nomad
Juggernaut - Mindustries
Artificial Genesis - Deathmachine
Master Vortex - Cubic Nomad
Wallflower - Fracture 4
Definder - Mindustries
World Breaker - The Outside Agency & Broken Rules
Synth Drop - Broken Rules
The Mangler - Tymon
Tune In - Densha Crisis
Mathematics - The Outside Agency & Dep Affect
Russian Roulette - Enzyme X
Trouble - The Outside Agency & Sei2ure
Redefine Industry - Densha Crisis
Whiplash - Beastmachines (The Dj Producer's beastly machinary remix)
Manhunt 0 - The Outside Agency & Fracture 4
Consume & Regenerate - Deathmachine
The Silence - The Outside Agency & Ophidian
Kraken - Ophidian
Monster - AK Industry & Billy S (Ophidian remix)
Noise In Us - Deathmachine
War - Sei2ure
I'm A Monster (And I Don't Eat Lobster) - Sei2ure
Nightmare Creatures - Mindustries
Nothing I Can Say - Calyx & Teebee
Introspective Future - Deathmachine
Adopted The Dark - Dither
Crowdsurfer - Counterstrike & Cooh (The Outside Agency remix)
Black Fire - Switch Technique & Deathmachine
Partition Killer - C-Netik & Gancher & Ruin
The Question - Deathmachine
Train Wreck - Katharsys
Destination Underground - Endymion & Ophidian (Deathmachine remix)
Eternity - Micromakine (Switch Technique remix)
Evil Has No Boundaries - Cativo (Dj Hidden remix)
Suicydal Censor - N-Vitral
Wraith - Ruffneck
Black Book - Sinister Souls
Sins - Igneon System & Deathmachine
Kombat Action - N-Vitral
Demons - The Clamps & Igneon System
Numeric Representation - Dither
Sectioned - Deathmacine
Thoughts Against Thoughts - Embrionyc
Formshift - Ophidian (The Outside Agency remix)
I Am God - Sei2ure
Devil Worshipping Motherfuckers - The Hardway
Psycho - Angel (The Outside Agency remix)
Uncertainty Principle - Current Value
Unnatural Selection - Deathmachine
Ease Up Selector - The Dj Producer
Pentagram Of Coke - The Hardway
Kentar - Cooh (Detest remix)
Hengsha - Dolphin
Modify - Deathmachine
Backback Wisdom VIP - The Outside Agency
XTRM Is What We Are - Akira
Fuck All Systems - Ambassador 21 (The Dj Producer Fuck Everything reconstruct)
Deadly Cycle - Deathmachine
Army Of Zombies - Dolphin
Hell-e-vator VIP - The Dj Producer
Ghetto Blaster - The Outside Agency
Beyond Comprehension - Deathmchine