Stazma // Favourite 5 of 2013

Stazma The Junglechrist is a man undeniably affected by his ongoing exposure to the Jungle music format. He can be found skulking around sonic graveyards in the dead of night, poking around for Amen breaks that show signs of potential, before smashing them into pieces and surgically restiching, grafting and honing them into powerful new forms.Occasionally his menagerie of deformed yet alluring Jungle Tekno tracks reaches critical capacity, at which point he is likely to be found; shirtless and manic, releasing his creations in further mutated forms as he mashes them with his intricate live setup.

We managed to catch up with him between some of his experiments, to squeeze some of his favourite tracks from 2013 from him....


Igorrr vs. Bong-Ra - Tombs (PRSPCT)


The DJ Producer - Ease Up Selector (PRSPCT XTRM)


Hecq - Flame 1 (Hymen Records)


Clipping - Get It (


Ohmwerk - Hypnoise