Surpassing Stability: In Conversation with Chrizpy Chriz

MethLab Agency resident blogger Gwen speaks with Chrizpy Chriz on the creation of his Unstable EP, which is available now from MethLab Recordings.



Gwen: Let's start simple: what does this EP mean to you?


Chrizpy Chriz: "It means stepping as far outside of the box as possible. Writing this EP broke so many barriers that I feel existed within my music. MethLab has influenced my sound for so long, so working with them is surreal to me. I think the overall meaning of this EP was to play with no rules.


G: Let's play on that influences theme a bit more: What drove your creative process during your crafting of this EP?


C: I wrote this whole EP during the winter, which I believe was massive contributing factor to the sound.The cold weather and overall vibe of winter is very dark to me which helped me with the writing process a lot. Many artists like Audeka, Ivy Lab, Noisia and Amon Tobin heavily inspired the sound here featured within the EP.


G: You've got some serious sound design going on throughout "Unstable". What were your primary tools for creating the warped sonic palette we hear within?


C: The KorgMS20 played a massive part in the obscure synth work. Most of the other work was done in Reaktor and with samples I pulled from my handy recorder. I pretty much resampled and reprocessed through massive distortion chains over and over again until I was happy with the outcome. 


G: Let’s deep dive into your personal favorite track from this EP: What makes it stand out for you?


C: My favorite track from the EP has to be "UGLY". It stands out to me based on the fact that it is constantly developing throughout the track. I love the way it intensifies throughout the playtime of the track. Nearing the end it goes full R2-D2, the last bars of the track are probably some of my favorite writing I have ever done.


G:To wrap things up, the artwork for this EP is unique in its source. Care to share the story behind that?


C: The artwork for this EP is above and beyond special to me. My Grandpa made this piece of art a few years ago, and it seemed to be a good fit for the music as it appears rather explosive. I feel very lucky to have the chance to use this art because my grandpa has been one of my biggest creative inspirations since I was young.



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