Ivan Shopov // Favourite 5 of 2013

Ivan Shopov must be one of the most prolific producers on our roster, with countless releases to date under the Cooh, Balkansky and Drum Kid monikers. His taste is far-reaching, and this comes across often through his output, with traces of IDM, Techno and Folk music permeating his DnB and Dubstep. He has collaborated with many of the finest names in the heavy DnB scene, and continues to work feverishly on making his mark on the wider electronic music scene. His favourite 5 listens of 2013 reflects well his open mind and keen taste...

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Flint Kids - Day Nil (Abstrakt Reflections)

Ivan - "Astonishing production level and clarity in their sound. Sonic ideas beyond anything I heard last year..."


Jon Hopkins - Breathe This Air (Domino Recording Company)

Ivan - "Music that gives me goodebumps every time I listen to it. Had the album on repeat for a month. Now it's all in my head, but I still love to have it in the air..."

Jon Hopkins 'Breathe This Air' from anthony dickenson on Vimeo.



Current Value - Gear Up (Subtakt)

Ivan - "A monster track I always play in my Balkansky sets. Works perfect for switching the deeper vibes with darkness. Amazing production too!.."


Sigur Ros - Varuo (XL Recordings)

Ivan - "Only feelings can come out of this music - sounds and harmonies are irrelevant. Can't really say much, it just takes me high and above all the noise on this planet..."


The Hard Way - Devil Worshipping Motherfuckers (PRSPCT)

Ivan - "Back to hell this is my personal hard DnB anthem of 2013. Energy blasting track, full of aggression that transforms into full power madness on the dance floor..."