I I I EP // MethLab

Artists // Ewol, Grey Code & Skylark (feat. Ray Uptown)
Release // III EP
Label // BNKR (MethLab)
Buy Link // methlabagency.bandcamp.com/album/i-i-i-ep

A new instalment from the stark depths of METHLAB RECORDINGS’ BNKR series is set to manifest, with an emerging trio of young producers - EWOL, GREY CODE and SKYLARK - at the controls. Featuring six tracks that embody the precise and powerful spirit of the series in full, the III EP stands as a distinct mark on BNKR. Supercedeing traditional bounds, the selected artists instead exact an exploratory attitude towards each track, with their discerning commitment to deeper sonic experiences clear cut. With this unifying philosophy Ewol, Grey Code and Skylark grant the III EP a monolithic presence of fundamental force.

MYTH hangs ominously with the presence of spectral pads, the hegemon of which is broken only momentarily by the rapid cuts of minimal percussion until dispelled by a pulsating sub bass. The swelling atmosphere of SUPPRESS obfuscates a brooding bassline that rises from within, growing in harmonic intensity as it advances mercilessly forwards. ATOM RAYS ascends upon the energy of a rapid arpeggio, the rhythm of which is effortlessly transferred as it is hijacked by ticking percussion that marks out the surface of a sunken bassline. SIMPLE THINGS shimmers with nostalgia, its replicant analogue melody and dreaming vocal evoking a nostalgic age of lost technology. DAYDREAMING floats upon the lamentations of a drifting choral, allowing even its weighty bass to soar with perplexing grace amongst glimmering interspersals of falling percussion. From DIFFUSION’s subterranean soundscape emerges a frenetic drumbeat upon which rests a muted melody, its canorous tone suppressed by the environment in which it resounds.

BNKR 008 continues the series’ mission as it weaves between sultry and beautiful, delving depths of weighted bass, unveiling audio that delivers maximal impact by way of minimal elements through the combined expertise of EWOL, GREY CODE & SKYLARK across six meticulously crafted tracks.