Exept feat. Joanna Syze - Stronger EP

Artist // Exept feat. Joanna Syze

Release // Stronger EP

Label // BNKR - MethLab Recordings

Buy Link // https://methlabagency.bandcamp.com/album/stronger-ep

Fresh production outfit EXEPT take a sure-footed step with their first full debut EP for the seventh release of MethLab's BNKR concept - a series that acts as the Occam's razor of deeper dwelling tracks. With the 'STRONGER' EP, 4 tracks of lean drum and bass roll onto the dancefloor, with each carrying a unique audio shard, led by the sublime melancholic vocals of JOANNA SYZE for the title track. Exept's refined production and cutting minimalist approach carve an intricate tech niche in the series progression.