Current Value - Consequences EP (MethLab)

Artist // Current Value

Release // Consequences EP

Label // MethLab Recordings

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CURRENT VALUE delivers his signature forward-thinking take on drum & bass on his “CONSEQUENCES” EP via METHLAB RECORDINGS, featuring his unique and instantly recognizable metallic, tech driven sound straight from a distant future. Following 2017’s “Deadly Toys” LP on Invisible recordings, Current Value is back with five new tracks that showcase both his continued devotion to push the sonic boundaries of what we consider drum & bass, as well as his incredible technical ability to do so. Throughout the EP, Current Value draws on a wide array of influences, warping them into complex and destructive audio mechanisms.

CERTAINTY floats on effortless pads through a stellar landscape, before a sudden dissonant shift rips it from its airy orbit into a gritty and harsh descent to the surface below. CONSEQUENCES elicits a disorienting landscape, populated by explosive snares, while triplet rhythms aim to decimate those who linger there. INTERPLAY glides in a complex formation, punctuated by high tech electrified bass and the mechanical hail of evolved percussion, whilst finding lucidity in the moments of contrast between these elements and the soaring, airy pads. The driven power of TILT soars through its opening melody deep into a powerful vortex as its furious bass seems to tear the very fabric of the track apart and melodic elements fight desperately to escape its pull. DON’T LEAVE by contrast, brings a vocal, humanizing element of yearning to this mechanical monster of an EP,  that gives way as it finds itself ground away against churning leviathan of a bass, seeming to surge with an intense rage against what could have been.

With this release, Current Value continues his sonic restructuring of the landscape of Drum & Bass as we know it, fully aware of the CONSEQUENCES that come of doing so. As an artist so adept in creating his own definitions and pioneering new sonic frontiers, CURRENT VALUE has flung himself far into unknown sonic space with this EP, and we can know with certainty that he has made a massive impact in doing so.