Cause4Concern // Favourite 5 of 2013

When it comes to Drum & Bass, Cause4Concern are basically the real deal - having been involved in the scene since day dot and seen past releases on legendary labels such as Tru Playaz and Moving Shadow. 2 of the members - Optiv and CZA also have extremely well respected solo careers - with things stepping up every year since their inception. Just last year saw releases for co-produced tracks from Optiv & CZA on Renegade Hardware and Hospital Records - showing again and again their potential when they work together. Cause4Concern represents the more experimental side of their output - with last year's 'Alchemist EP'  being particularly representative of their desire to explore different styles of DnB.

Mark (CZA) has given us an opportunity to check out some of the tracks that have most influenced him in 2013, and a fine selection it is!

Audio - Botfly (Virus Recordings)

Mark - "Featured on his latest LP, this track evokes everything I love about DnB - snarling basses layered with slapping beatz..."


Atoms For Peave - AMOK (XL Recordings)

Mark - "Massive fan of Thom Yorke's work and I especially love this new project he's been working on. Deep, dark, moody swishes of brilliance backed with his unmistakable vocal..."


Ed Rush & Optical - Long Stay feat Rymetyme (Virus Recordings)

Mark - "Two of my all time favourite producers come back to the forefront with this piece of Virus armour. All the trademarks stay in place, but are reinforced by head nodding precision..."


Jean Nippon - Coroner Girl (Private Selection Recordings)

Mark - "A French producer I was introduced to last year and have quickly become a huge fan of. Future sounds with undertones of yesteryear... hypnotic hooks with a splash of Chicago House..."


Optiv & CZA - Vital Signs (Renegade Hardware)

Mark - "A track I wrote with my partner in crime Optiv. Bias I know! But I really feel with this track we've hit an essential balance of where we want to be musically with this collaboration, and I love the fact we're getting back to our analogue roots..."