The Teknoist // Favourite 5 of 2013

From the shores of Core, fresh from hunting militarised alligators, comes The Teknoist; with his long running and unique brand of Hard Techno and Drum and Bass. One of the few producers of Hardcore to have graced the release schedule of Planet Mu, which is quite an accolade in the scheme of things. He's set to hit 2014 running, with his 3rd album - 'Tank Alligator' - set for release within the next couple of months, along with a fresh round of brutal insurgencies in events across Europe and the Uk.

While we're all waiting for more new on that though, check his selection of favourite listens from last year!


Dr.Bastardo - The Crimson Mask (Ninja Columbo)


Algorithmic - Dangerous (Our Fucking Jungle)


The DJ Producer - Modus Operandi (Third Movement)


Ritualz - Third Eye End.User Remix (Retox)


Detest - Hedon (Future Sickness)


And if all of this has wet your appetite for a mix full of Core and Bass - check the MethLab mix he did for us a few months back... killer stuff!