MethLab AV Tour 2017


Current Value is pioneering electronic musician who has worked to date with artists such as Bjork and Noisia, counts Aphex Twin, Chris Cunningham and Chris Clark amongst his fans. One of the most unique and forward thinking audio experimenters in the drum & bass genre, 2017 sees the birth of his audio visual concept alongside masters of the visual arts Greenaway & Greenaway.

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Visual show // Greenaway & Greenaway



Billain stands as one of the true pioneers and experimenters of our time. With few names in electonica so synonymous with the advancement of sonic ideas, narrative concepts and the incorporation of technology and visuals into his output - his consistent exploration of new hybrid combinations of these components sets him apart from the pack.

The HYPERBINARY AV show sees Billain paired up with leading visual crew - The Macula - well respected for their work on the 360 HIDDEN TOWERS full dome project and the minds behind Prague's exceptional SIGNAL AV festival.

With a semi-transparent mesh screen in front of the stage, The Macula's visuals frame Billain's work in perfect harmony, with the additional option of Jan Hladil's laser work and interaction with the screen (see his previous project RESONATOR)

Full preview of the AV show in action (excluding the laser show) //

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Visual show // The Macula
Laser work // Jan Hladil


データコード // 生霊・マシン (DATACODE // WRAITHMACHINE)

Datacode brings a completely unique Audio Visual narrative with his WRAITHMACHINE performance, connected to the Audio Visual LP of the same name coming soon on the award-winning MethLab Recordings. Fusing post-digital no-input experimental microtonal minimal post-noise, with ambient glitch and abstract avant-garde soundscapes fuelling a custom made Max MSP driven visual system to deliver the narrative of a machine achieving artificial sentience.

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Following 7 years of work on his Audio Visual LP, the unique and visionary mind of Zan Lyons is set to release the pinnacle of his life's work to date in the form of an album in late 2017. His AV live show consists of live video manipulation, live viola playing and twisted electronica with a brand new visual narrative ready to be told that pushed the limits of film making and live AV performance. He has featured on TED Berlin, as well as having toured the world extensively with his own show and doing visuals for Atari Teenage Riot - with the unleashing of his fresh body of work, the audio visual world is set to be shaken.

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