Batbots/Manifold - The Remix EP review

Billain is one of those producers who need no introduction. His absolutely unique style can be recognized in seconds and over the years he has built up a huge fanbase that is not is invested in his mind-numbing music as much as it is invested in his persona. While you can clearly hear how his music evolved as time went on, becoming even more complex and precisely produced, his earlier tracks are not on the verge of being forgotten anytime soon. This statement is further reinforced by the fact that Bad Taste Recordings decided to revisit and remix one of the best Billain’s releases back from 2012 – “Batbots / Manifold” – the one that came with a both hilarious and informative “making of” video featuring a Neuro Goldwyn Mayer intro, Billain’s iconic smile and guest star Iskra, a vintage massager.

It seems like this release came a really long way before it has finally seen the light of the day, but this was definitely the case, when it’s better to be safe than sorry. The thing is, Billain was never remixed before, so it was of utmost importance to present only the best producers with an opportunity to work on such a project and make sure everyone’s 100% happy with the result. So, Bad Taste took the time and made sure everything’s perfect. Thus, we’ve got Neonlight, Malux, Mindscape and Pythius on the remix duties and they’ve just been interviewed by UKF, where they shared their story of working on these remixes. You can check it out here. And now, let’s talk about the actual remixes.

First up we’ve got a Germany-based duo Neonlight delivering a hard stepping remix of “Manifold”. These guys fought their way to the top with their top-class neurofunk killers, developing a very good understanding of how a proper dancefloor killer is written in the process. They’ve also had their good portion of remixing, working on tunes by Black Sun Empire, Teddy Killerz, Cause4Concern just to name a few and it came out perfect each and every time. The first bits of the intro were re-done in a true Neonlight fashion, letting you know you’re on their territory right now. The huge bassline on the build up together with lazers and sound-design bits play a role of a huge warning sign, indicating that you’re about to be thrown into a huge steamroller that won’t stop no matter what. The duo leaves only the most necessary elements, stripping the track to the bare minimums focusing mainly on the drums with everything else working around them to enhance their impact. Another big success in the duo’s discography.

The second “Manifold” remix comes from a producer, who took the scene by storm in 2016, getting his fair share of fans around the globe with his breakneck tracks – Malux. He was firstly introduced to the scene by Bad Taste and after an array of releases on some of the best labels out there he’s back to repay his debt by turning “Manifold” into an aggressive blood-seeking beast. In his intro he also gave a nod of respect to the enormous bassline from the original, but then cuts it off and gives way to a hysteric build up to raise the pressure to extreme levels, leading to a violent explosion. The drop is enormous, it’s what Malux is known and cherished for. The original midrange was torn into bits to be used in a completely new way, while the drums are arranged in such a rapid succession, that it feels like some swift beast is pouncing on everything it sees, shredding it into pieces with its razor-sharp claws. All of it is cleverly seasoned with all sorts of sound to create a remix that “Manifold” really deserved.

Mindscape’s remix philosophy involves leaving as much of the original vibe as possible and you can clearly hear it in this remix. He didn’t aim to make a completely different track, his work on “Batbots” is more like a reinterpretation more than anything and a very good one. The bass, the main element that made the original so memorable, now layered and improved, serves as a starting point for everything else in the drop. It is complemented by an entirely new drum section, which really changes things up and makes the most out of the track’s energy. It all results in an exciting ride, especially when the vocal bits are layered upon the drum break or when the massive hi-hats and rides roll in the first time.

Pythius also had his own twist on “Batbots” and now the track is filled with his unique style to the limit. You still recognize the good old bassline, but it was fiddled with to the point where it’s no longer what it used to be. Add the trademark Pythius drums to the formula and you’ve got a rusty massive war machine on a high-octane cruise through Valhalla leveling any obstacles on its way with the ground. The last part of the drop is also worth mentioning, as it brings so much atmosphere to this adrenaline-fueled journey and uses the original assets in a truly creative way.

Words by Vlad Yaremchuk

Digital release date // 2017-02-03
Vinyl release date // 2017-02-10
Label // Bad Taste Recordings
Cat. No. // BT055

Artwork by // Enis Cisic



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