Burn The Machine // Ableton Competition


Burn The Machine is one of our favourite events of the year, and the last edition in November was one of the best yet - with the Subland club (run by Dean Rodell) growing in popularity every year. Featuring plenty of the artists supported by Subdivision, Ad Noiseam and MethLab - it's basically the one place to be each year if you love your sound Techy and Heavy. We have nothing but love for the insitution that this venue and event are becoming for Berlin, a city which historically tends to largely steer away from syncopated beats in favour of the excellent Techno scene which prevails there. The club also features one of the best sound systems available for Neurotechnic DnB - having been designed to Dean Rodell's specifications for the venue - it's immediately recognisable when hearing an artist like Current Value pushing the system to its limits.. a beautifully fullranged assault it was.

The club also features artwork in the form of an extensive mural from SHVLFCE - a New York based artist and musician responsible for creating some incredible pieces of work. The image below is just one tiny part of his creation:



But - on to the main point of this article - a remix / music making competition with a chance to win a full legitimate copy of Ableton 9 to replace your cracked versions with!

We are quoting the Burn The Machine website below:

"Welcome to the Burn The Machine & Ableton 2013 creative competition. We hoped you are enjoying (or enjoyed) the festival. Thanks for attending.

Burn The Machine is collaborating this year with Ableton to bring a unique opportunity to create something new from samples and sounds created by artists performing at the 2013 edition of our festival.

The best track will receive a free copy of Ableton Live 9 Suite,
the first runner-up a copy of Ableton Live 9 Standard,
the second runner-up a copy of Ableton Live 9 Intro.

Your track needs to be based on the BTM2013 sample pack, which includes sounds prepared by Ben “Hecq” Boysen, Fausten, Monster X, Stormfield, Monolog, Diasiva, Ivan “Cooh / Balkansky” Shopov and Machine Code.

Download the Ableton live pack containing all these samples here.
You will need Ableton 9 live to be able to use this file. You can find a 30-day free trial version here.

Send us your tracks by March 1st, 2014, by email (and not a Facebook message) to ableton@burnthemachine.eu with:

a Soundcloud link, or
a link to your file to be downloaded.

You are welcome to post your tracks on Soundcloud, Facebook and any other social media.

The winners will be chosen by a jury composed of Burn The Machine and Ableton members and announced in early 2014. Be creative, be original and impress us."

So get creating crew!!! We're eager to hear what you can do also :) And while you're digesting that - why not check the afterparty video from from 2 years ago, while we wait for the new one from 2013? 

See you there next year :D