Chapter 0 // Story 2 // Darwin v2.0

Brian is the only person remembering "the old" Curt. Curt was a computational genius at the age of 5, "Pegasus H academy" as one of 3 youngest students with highest grades, surpassing the ordinary education as he grew up. Then he started from prosthetics improvements, and exoskel suit artificial muscles patent which brought him a EF prize…The man that cracked the human nature code, was never happy…Brian speaks, Curt wanted more, he felt how fragile, or solvable everything is, and his "heurekas" proven how things are "simple" to his perceptive capacity…and what a capacity that was…It was a full shelf of science trophies, and an empty shelf of family frames with no pictures depicts everything about Curt. He was...from somewhere else. It was hard for Brian to watch Curt's genius madness on this scale, as the social skills were fading away like his old friend, a silent humble guy in the corner…and a new personality, cold and informative, appeared. Crew would say that Terminal tethering is Curt's own masohistic toy of suicide, as he invented iron maiden for himself. Now everyone is afraid of him, as everyone feels like granules on the wind around him. But he mean no harm…they say…and I believe in a way…. Curt performed dozens of surgical operations on himself, and he survived them healthy and intact, you could reach his spine trough series openings for transfer melting ports, as madman appeared, happy about his final experiment, a man with ports of spinal direct access to mainframe of hnet, free traveling information clusters trough universe. Several tubes reaching his brain trough a hole on his forehead…The morphic cables grew around his grey matter like parasitic tree roots in a skull in just few hours…and still nothing, guy is alive, and walking…"You can't play god", a Proteus religious cancelor Teo said. I remember Curt's eyes sweeping trough the members of The Corporate union, with all his holes and a "third eye" on his forehead wearing the largest investment in computational sector in history of HDDNC, on and in himself. - "God? God needs to be redefined by more wisdom with which he would encourage both you and me if you believe in such existence, and i will execute the next step towards knowledge with or without you... it is the fear you need to fear, not me." - then he walked out…nobody stopped his messiah walk from the office to the final procedure, he brought so much to Earth and Mars that nobody had doubts any more even about his risk of death…But Captain Brian's "look trough the walls" was even more mysterious. It was a matter of great trust, a great risk, and a great loss. T minus 3 minutes. His hands and forehead lubricated, a team of scientists trained by Curt, on the panels…He takes a minute watching a picture he brought with him, it was a picture of M.C. Escher's sphere study from 1935. He watched it for the last time as someone would watch a family picture. Turns to Brian, tells him something discreetly, turns to us and says "Now I will change everything…This is history and future…I will present you life"…Such power of words and work in one person was taken profoundly silent and the same silence before the startup of the fluids going trough the cables to his spine was chilling. Scientists checking the patches…Hands going locked in the machine, forehead into a visor…You could hear the cables clicking in his skull like a perfect machine adapter measurements… Ignition commenced. One very profoundly non human scream from Curt…Low tones coming out of central patch. Steaming metals leaking around his spinal cords to the centre reflected a scream of history changer and future shaper…electricity bursting around the ports on his back and visor…it was like electric chair execution back on earth 6 centuries ago…burned human flesh and bones smell floated around the deck…Silence, dead silence…Curt is still standing, like a parasite…connected…pulse is stabile…but he does not breathe.Brian approached begging for words."Curt….Curt…Please…Speak to me…Curt…"

- "Hello Captain" - came out of every speaker in the room synced with Curt's lips. The voice was on multiple frequency register…"I just mirrored myself in the cluster…I am sure that this is one plausible definition of a god…this power, has no limits…Don't worry about my body, now I can always find a replacement." - "Replacement? What power you found? What, what can you see Curt?" asked Captain in a fearful tone. - "See? Thats too simple for a perception…But lets simplify…It is covering vast space, floating on autonomous will. Is this god? Well if it is, I can see it…The knowledge is…enormous, and it is open source…" - "Curt, we can't understand a thing you are experiencing, but we are willing to learn everything you provide us, as we always did…And yes, we are afraid of you now, I am afraid of you. You stink like burned corpse standing tethered to millions of corporate cables if you understand what i mean" -"Captain, your reaction is a normal human process. It is over now, fear not, my human cluster is stored, but i edited the emotional part for the rational goods…and Brian…Yes, I am Curt…but latin terminus is a bound, limit, end, end of a line where signals are transmitted and received, I am a point along the length from the god Terminus who presided over boundaries… From now on, don't call me Curt…Call me Terminal"

Chapter 0 // Story 3 // The message

-“Red surface awaits in the other time of a dying light. For those who seek balance, the rightful ones, will bring back the cycle. The cycle will bring 3. For those who seek power, will bring nothing but destruction…- this is the end of the translation and code…And these are the coordinates I have retrieved upon first autonomous dive. So all the information pinpoints here, around the dying Ronel 6 captain”. -“But Terminal, all the coordinates just lead to this eating star scenario, Ronel 6 is way too dangerous for any maneuvers and I can’t risk this ship and this ‘one of a kind’ crew. And Hadden administration will not allow their 40 years mission be jeopardized…and…are we…talking about a portal here?” -“That is right captain."

The view was magnificent. I watched many otherworldly events, but never this close. Ronel 6, in front of us…being digested by a midsized black hole, sparkling gasses sprayed violently on the axis, and our ship on the winds of dark matter…Star children will always be amazed, so we did. A dying star was carrying its story to its grave. And our only clue was dying in front of us, our clue for salvation of space. According to first autonomous unsuccessful dive attempt home, the space was dying…this made sense as it over expanded, finishing its journey back to the zero. Back to ‘no rocks to ripple steady waters’…And humans were just kids…Now they are orphans, left with bits, just enough to spark doubts, doubts about everything unfortunately. And to walk across the black dessert, searching…But curiosity was their talent, and wars were their bad habits. Just like their father, who disappeared off the face of the void…I remember stones of their history with solid family pictures, being destroyed by their own kids, like they were sad and angry for being left alone on earth, but together. And now this ship…full of complex minds full of schools, memories, scars…universal experiences…A simple corporate task, faced a task older than first stardust, older than time, older than itself…So here we are, with the crew with atavism, the fear of dying…and if we fail, there may be nowhere to go when you die…I miss Apesia. I am being humanly emotional now. We are about to do something new again, riding on the waves of possibilities, the cosmic plan… “Intelligence is what you use when you don’t know what to do”, Jean Piaget…My drifts were interrupted by Brian’s new questions for Curt. -“I don’t seem to understand where this passage is in all this black hole feast in front of me. I have just analyzed the overall radius in, on and around this event, and all the analysis I got is zero anomalies, zero flexotunnels, magnetic state is as usual to this case, usual violence. So what are we looking for at all? You know that it is forbidden even to come this close to black hole…not to mention your possible ideas, that are itching my brain right now terminal…” -“Captain, this may appear as a black hole and it is classified as one, but it is not”, Curt said. We were on a brink of something new as I expected. The last ride was never ending. I find peace in unknown. Life is all about new pages...Curt continues to explain: “It is a type 3 black hole and it is artificially created, it is a camoportal”. This portal is a crafted legacy of unknown origin. And it is left without a fixed position, therefor it traveled freely as a type 6 black hole would in a natural manner, and happened to be here now as a digester of the star, but it is not eating Ronel 6, it is transferring it by similar gravity acceleration, but since the star is this sized, it cannot be transferred so it is being shredded, although all of this show in front of us looks exactly like what real black hole would showcase. This suction of the gasses and rejection by the entry point of the portal is perfectly explained in the 5th law of Zeus Preut of Mona, portal theory: ‘The Preutomagnetic rejection of the certain molecules will raise with temperature, and will be forced back the same pathway with the force times AP temperature’. In theory from 2 hadden rules, we can pass these heated gasses using technology we have, and jump freely through the portal captain. But I must agree that such action was never performed before, as we never jumped a camoportal.” Brian haven’t blinked yet. All eyes on the front window. We were about to decide whether to jump or not in the jaw of superheated shredder that is supposed to be just a door. Laura is very afraid, so is Merza. All of this…because of the “red surface” message…a message from the stars, where we haven’t found any. And Curt…we may have some god on our side, on the bridge, or our friend drifted away forever. Brian got up, eyes fixed on the Ronel 6, as the crew watch his slow walk to the front panel. He turnes on the main sp system:

-“This is captain Brian speaking...All of you on board…and Me…We are the HDN Pegasus. I have invited you to this ship for a greater cause, a path of victories and defeats, and I have also warned you. I have trained you hard and gave you all knowledge and ranks, but also gave you all punishments and exiles. I have gave you missions and I have gave you sanctuaries, food and freedom. We became a crew, and a family. And I also gave you the will to leave this ship. I gave you everything because we are professionals. And we are professionals for the times like these. And now I want all emotions and doubts off the deck. For those who stay, I cannot promise life. This is what you all know, for all these years now as a rule on the board of the Pegasus. Those who wish to leave now, should do so.......In next 20 minutes, I will max the shields and I will declare Hadden protocol 18. This is the sole purpose of the Pegasus, and the crew that has been carefully selected and molded around the mission. Now we may experience the purpose of life or death, for the greater good of the rest……………….this is…what we came for....”

We are going to jump…straight into type 3 black hole. Green lights are on…I left the bridge. In all this crew loudness and running for the energy transfer, im having a moment of my mind…sounds becoming more quiet and blurry. Only low tones again, my usual zen of auditory and visual senses. I learned that elsewhere. And my thoughts…the cycle will bring 3…red surface…I am in my cabin and will go back to the bridge. I needed a moment of cabin zen. Curt suddenly speaks out of my cabin panel. -“You are thinking loud, my friend.” This is definitely…Curt more then Terminal… -“I have questions of my own, Term…Curt. It is surely interesting how our questions gets bigger as we join them to find out that they are all in the same direction. But mine is profoundly unknown even to me.” -“Some things are obsolete as the quest narrows, you know they leaded us to this place for purpose, when a human is human, everything to them is sacrifice. That’s whats wrong with humanity. But they leaded us” -“Or you did Curt. Are we obsolete too? To you? What does the autonomous say about this move?” -“…Apesia would be proud. You are on this ship for a reason. But the crew haven’t chose you. Brian got the order from Hddn highest administrations” -“Yes, but I still don’t understand what I can do for the sad humanity? Brian keeps some secrets from me about my erased memories.” -“This is not the final act…You could trigger the chain of events.” Curt knows something. I guess I am being prepared once again. It is funny how this gets to scale of “the chosen one” story for kids. But I feel like I have a great story to tell before I voidize. -“And I am sure you twill tell me when the time comes Curt.” -“You should see what I see”. Im heading back to the bridge. Straps on. Green lights on. 5 minutes before the jump.

Chapter 0 // Story 4 // After the jump

It was shaky for 3 minutes, i thought screws were going to fall out from just about everywhere as the bill for the madness we accepted to take by entering these unknown doors, shaking like tin can with all the power and knowledge in the assembly, yet so fragile in front of enormous. And the risk we took… the type 3 black hole proven only by our lunatics back at the Hadden labs, and we…arrived safe on the other side, ship intact, no damage at all. the crew surprised again, sounds of relaxed cheering, guts back to normal pulse.…Then this view…happened.On the other side of the most violent camo portal, we stepped into unexplored, to found mystic visual silence, and in the silence, we found a brother of Mars, peaceful and humble, innocent scape lived in front of our eyes. Silence on the deck, all eyes on vast of nothing, and this one tiny system in the middle, that seemed pretty old, it just wasn’t like usual stuff we get to see on far ends. Captain is careful, portal stable, hard decisions to make. Old men with faces of kids…human innocent eternal curiosity. Deep scars on the planet showed violent past, but no explanations. Traces of oxygen…Analysis going wild…The most expensive mission was on the brink of a retrieve procedure. Hadden protocol 21 says risk is allowed only if 75% of the crew declares risk as a valuable step. Mission is a go with the next routine. The next routine was to land on the surface of this new named M-071-0 or “Mars senior” how Brian likes to call it, and gather the usual. Procedure for two suited men under 3 surveillance systems…Suits on, Gear testing…I’m testing my suit twice, my experience is itchy on this peaceful moment. Shuttle is ready…Mission was a go, no turning back now…time flies somehow as I’m already in the aggressive entrance but little friction, curious thoughts overflowing my mind, as we landed softly. Panic-untethering myself from the chair, I wanted to come out and touch the ground, it was in my genes to beg for real ground placebo after years in void. I was so happy, the bridge laughed. I worked 22 years and now I wish I’m a construction worker back home on Apesia. I absorbed some funny human nature, as we are all children of stars…Task one is compact gathering on three closest checkpoints with different properties of ground and some data at least… soils and rocks, solid moisture, and seven types of bacteria that ended in boxes, which is a good find. Planet is alive, there are some pretty shiny rocks, dust is not hard granules. Beautiful soil. Felt like home again as I felt Apesia like gravity, also the Star and “senior” is similar to sun and earth ratio, perfect for life, but no one is around, except those microguys. Two checkpoints done, few jokes on the bridge as everyone is relaxed on a human level… We found more bacteria, truly wonderful...

Third checkpoint was behind a canyon, hard to reach but suit exoskel helps every time, we were getting close to zone of interest marked by Brian and Mr. Terminal. Curt is always a step ahead, the bridge is beginning to doubt if we are running our missions or his transcended will. Curt or Terminal? Knowledge is dangerous and beautiful.The third checkpoint changed my life forever.

This dream…was in front of me…What we found below the dense sand atmo on the third checkpoint was, emotional…and…because we noticed it from a distance but at first we remained…suspicious, The closer we walked…we…this was scary…The bridge confirmed in a brief “this is more then we can understand”, but my knees started shaking while we stood instantly sending 20 snapshots to the bridge. Curt speaks out of Terminal, as the human in him is overwhelmed by this visual feed. Statue dating, beyond our Terminal ability to simplify to humans…He speaks about thousands of eons, this is not even a history anymore. This dream 23 year dream unparallel occurring during my life…the rectangular vessel landing on earth taking me home, warm welcoming by this tall red being with a smile. The transparent front cabin like floating in space. Sitting on a ground in a dark interior…but this being from my dreams, has its statue…here, in front of me, on this planet.Terminal concludes, it’s not hollow, no entrances therefor it’s not a tower, nor a temple, but rather filled with unknown materials.

In a random geometrical manners, no orders known to science…I’m not listening anymore, my ears are filled with low tones yet pulse is normal, it is getting louder. Laura hits me on the shoulder, I’m back…Then this Vibration of Brass like sound the size of a planet shook the ground beneath our legs, rocks falling, Brian screaming at us to retreat leave it all, Laura running to startup the engines I’m standing still watching the colossus…the planet rotated 20 degrees to the right in 3 seconds as it is a vessel , aligned to a star…and the colossus was…it moved…The hands were beneath the...I…I am somewhere else now…

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Story written by Adis Kutkut - Billain

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Chapter.1 - Noetra Temba

I have seen worlds filled with different generations - their people living and dying, nations falling under wars and devouring stars... yet I found very few the eyes of travellers remembering stories of the rebalance, the unimaginable... a saviour's burden that the last humans brought to this vast seas of stars. A story so old that few managed the necessary time jump before the rebalance struck systems that were never to be seen again, perhaps voidized. Relics of the past tell a story for children of the vastness on one side, and hypocritical jokes on the other, political interests of protoparliament of the specalliance. All except one side are spoken for - the natives - my bloodside. For we were the sacrificial blood.

We were exiled from our homes, spread far across galaxies. Now I live everywhere, an old-fashioned mercenary FE (Foreign Entity), surviving. All because I struggled to leave my blood behind. I stare at my hands like I expect memories to emerge, as they are proclaimed bloody for no reasons other then my heritage. Our tradition shares nothing but lost memories, myths and missions, sharpened by exterminations and attempts to erase - naturally tough material to dissolve.

My blood was Apesian. My sight reaches the horizon, thinking of those thousands of dreams, thinking of my father and his father, a mystery to everyone, not to mention the fearful dynasty. They feared us since the rebalance, so everyone cursed "the life key", to tame the fear. Because it is in the very nature to blame and to take blame. My eyes, set on the deserts of Noetra's Temba, no-one's planet. Where federations exchange all goods and evils, a neutral ground. To travel there, I smuggled myself in the technical hold of the ship K-drone attached to the Kingston mercenaries. Im spending seven cycles in that tight space, counting and trying to stretch my limbs, fighting with my own mind, searching for my bloodline's answers, cursed with dreams that stretch trough families, cursed by abilities and the headaches of being fugitive. I tricked my only friend Pana, leaving him on the Firteamon with a deceit that would save him from all of this. Pana helped me get my mind back, to remember my purpose, and for that gift I cannot afford to lose him - my last and dearest friend. I left him a message:

"It has come to this, it is logical after all the paths we crossed with your help... I will find my answers here and I will have no mercy for those who oppose me for acts I have not committed, and for the acts I am yet to commit. I have no regrets surrounding my birth as a warrior, born prepared to defend our idea and strike those who would threaten it. I have lost everything, and yet I feel every single thing lost is still alive, somewhere, placed between membranes in the universal fabric, coming back in dreams... And this will get them back... Everything is connected and things come to make more sense if you believe in the scale of cycles, space and reason. Through my deception towards you, I show your value to me, my friend. Stay alive. This needs to be the everyone's outcome of my story. Bloer"

My Pathcutter is silent finally. I was not aware of my possession at first, the Blackblade - I'm still learning its rules... learned its defence mode to attack mode switch, handle moves faster now. The sound of the blade out from the sheath used to be terrifying, probably because of those few scratches when I lost focus at last clash, couldn't believe that it can take damage... but as the scratches disappeared over time with my learned control, so did the fear. It is alive. Sratches were a mirror of my early doubts. It still seems like it's sleeping even in attacking, although it is interesting to hear a much clearer note as I position it horizontally relative to me - rendering it to become my default starting posture. And then this protosharpness, it cuts trough forcefields... the only reason this sword does not cleave my back and everything else in its way is due to its sheath being made of same material, an unknown alloy. With a feel like metal but changing weight depending on my focus - I know that it is feeding upon my mind, but it does not share in reciprocation. I'm still trying to understand these letters and a seal of three. It is clearly Apesian, possibly belonging to an ancient Apesian monarch. It is surely the darkest material I've ever seen; restful and seductive for the eyes that gaze upon it, both matte and reflective at the same time... I have seen these reflections since my youth, this sword feels like home... That planet feels like home... That is why I'm here, going there...

I have the advantage. What they don't know is that Temba is not an ordinary planet. The very mind of its nature has been underestimated once again, by the mere natural deceptive act of camouflage. The sand was hiding my dreams, and a mission. I am here to dig the grave of my purpose, dig the end to an end. For what its worth, there may be a way to stop the self proclaimed gods of the Autonomous. With no-one on my side, but my blackblade of victory, I will carve my entrance to the dimensions of Noetra's past to save what is left to save, for I am merciful towards innocent minds across the star seas, I will spill my blood upon the blades of the enemies for one last stand for the Apesians.

I am here to colonize back this planet. It will be my first royal word towards the autonomous.

Chapter.2 - Kingston drone mercenaries

There is a temple, where this blade, the small mass called pendant and the front gate starts the trinity of the past. The pendant is both solid, yet not at the same time - probably unstable after some eons without being sustained. A solidshifting metal force only controllable by the blackblade's bearer, an Apesian emissary hiding in the inner city on Temba… this is What I learned from the decoded plaats… Once the pendant is triggered by the proximity of the blade in the hands of the bearer, the temple returns to life for a short time. Within that period of a single starrize, the temple gates must be unlocked else a chain reaction is set that will blow both the temple, and the planet, to dust. This perfection of such rigorous systems has been witnessed before, with several other artefacts across the galaxy wiping out entire civilisations due to governmental greed to harness the power of unstable dark mass, trying to control it for war purposes… Dark mass was a knowledge apparently mastered by ancient Apesians. They end up always indicting Apesians for catastrophes triggered by excavations and trying to move the artefacts. 8 planets were wiped out before a Specalliance consensus took place which sealed the temples with dead voidfield, postponing the experiments until more advanced technology comes into place to harness the power within.

The problems are multiple. How can I find a blackblade bearer, who must be found before the pendant? How to get on time to the temple them when I find the pendant? I could be walking through a city on one side of the planet when I feel the resonance of the blade signalling the pendant’s proximity, to find it that some collectionneur with it on his trading table and the temple on the other side of the planet. If I held even one tenth of the heritage I would be able to timejump one or two times in a cycle, not to mention with another Apesian. I need to find the Apesian emissary. This mission is overwhelming, and I’ve acquired a sick smile after so long waiting in the shades, because although it’s impossible, the answers are drawn to me through ancient hope.

Part of the answer lay with the Kingston Drone mercenaries in the end. During the K-drone transport, I met Tarzel, a mercenary, a very tough old blue-eyed crossbreed warrior with ears of Tembian whitesand hunterfaus, framing a weary stoneface as scarred as the temple itself. The deal with his men was harsh but after I paid five thousand prots I was aboard the ship, equipped even with a fake id Cloudfog smuggled out of Firteamon. But one night during the flight, his men attempted to seize my sword while I was eating, unleashing an inevitable chaos of melee… Exchanging blows and broken ribs made it clear that I was not holding back. The appearance of Tarzel came heavily, jumping down to the lower deck in animal mode. His heavy metal boots dented the floor with his landing, the big boss joining his crew, quickly turning this into one on one fight, drawing from me some decent blood from my nose and mouth. Unique physics I admitted, hard to track and avoid legwork and switches, with only my armoured coat saving me from the more serious blows. After my return of the dance of manly bloody favours, he seemed surprised by a decent fist in his left eye. It was personal to the point with his gun on my forehead and my blackblade on his neck, silence for 15 seconds. The Blade sung, its sound luring his weapon to his holster and drawing forth a chuckle… with the gun down, the crew starts laughing as well. His eyes had that animal shine, as a native warrior medal. We distanced a bit but my hand on the blade was still ready, not blinking. spitting blood to keep mouth dry. But it seems the fight ended for good, as they all relaxed around me, laughing like pirates on Texoniclorite.

-"Haven't had this much fun for a long time, hahah. You seem to be the truth, as they told me. Well now, I do apologise for bad manners… I have a rule… I don't take belongings from such skilful travellers. My name is Tarzel Kaentah, head of Kingston drone company. We have codex to stop and honour rival warriors. I know an Apesian when I fight one. Feel free, and tell me what brings you to Temba?"

Tarzel switched boldly from animal to an alter ego deep voice tone that pursued the cultural discussion offering the good and interesting conversation after a test of skills. I was convinced, intuitively, plus they are not on autonomous side. I am curious. Blade back in sheath.

-"I am Broel, on a mission that includes retaliation against autonomous, I have discovered that Temba is in great danger and can trigger a catastrophe for the rest of the universe and its future, one carved from great power in wrong hands… well… Perhaps to you it does not make any sense other than the actual problems of the occupation. But sense is going to be made at the Brueloos palace with galactic representatives soon. They are unmasking their plans finally, and I am purely dedicated by heritage to stop this."

-"Great power in wrong hands is more then enough in my books to understand how this universe works in my favour, Broel. Your appearance suits me, I know more about Apesians than you think, after all I’m Tembian born. A freelance worker like me, so to speak, sees and hears far like the eyes of freedom. So others tend to forget how far the greater picture spreads. I can light up your path by saying just this… Their excavations have grown around Temba, it seems that they have found something but unable to pinpoint it. And it belongs to natives." Tarzel switched so boldly knowing exactly what I'm after as a native. This means he has a lot of important information that I need right now. Our conversation switched into a walk and continued in the middle deck around the eyetable with few of his most trusted males and females.

-"Tarzel, can you tell me more about it, this is of utmost importance to me." -"They started to guard most of the Statues, ruins and ancient tunnels in an illegal attempt to exploit something, they even killed three trespassers with third party mercenaries hired as guards to avoid scandal, due to the twisted nature of no-ones land and everyones land, our land… one of the three was a scout of mine. Now this made very curious, so we sent some K-probes in the great south Moen tunnel to see what it is about. Right next to Moen, they found something they call a 'divine navigator." I was thrilled about this. It seems Temba hides more then one can imagine. A divine navigator hidden in the sands? I love my heritage, but this is becoming bigger then anything. Tarzel eyes of vengeance seeks answers too, this is a right time for allies. This device could mean only two things...

-“A divine navigator is one of the most complex machinery made by the ancient king Aoan the son, with the help of protectors, controllable only by the king himself, It is a system that grows roots of transformative powers into any mass entity reconfiguring it to six cosmic possibilities, powerful beyond any existing technology. Its source is clean dark mass. That is all I remember from the plaats. So they put up a law in front of the parliament, but continue excavations. It seems that autonomous are in the rush. This is a dangerous divinity in the wrong hands."

-"I have met many Apesians to know that you are the real galactic emissary, I even believe that you brought balance, rather then what they say… "

I lost my temper.

-"We tried! If it wasn't for the humans there would never been autonomous! But they let Apesians suffer with all their pointed fingers of blame! That is the truth! We are betrayed! They have been given a chance to save their birth planets with our Apesian blade bearer and his mercy in hard times, but the humans are responsible for an interdimensional incident leaking the darkmind into the cosmos right during the protowar 2. I understand what a young race is, but that non-parented greed to know more to the extent of collateral damage is unforgivable! Now look at us, look at everyone! You can understand that Tarzel, you are a half human after all, and that brought you to be a mercenary and a trader, and you have been tricked by humans more than by any other race."

-"...Thats why I'm here to help You, at least half of me."

Tarzel found a humour to tame my anger. Indeed an ally, but our smile turns dark after he informed me about the surprising fact about the Brueloos meeting.

-"You also dont know this… Taemo arrived in Noetra, possibly to attend a meeting in Brueloos palace," A massive ground and sky army is already where we're heading. Temba is the most secured planet in Noetra now, due to the nature of this meeting. At least 30 more representatives of the spec alliance are also there. Rahn is there, Flima as well. Lienpav the third is on his way. You know this means something big, if not another war. Also we cannot make a peaceful entrance to Temba, we will have to fight to land, and a bit far from the city..."

Taemo arrived...what I would give for his severed head dripping the last blood of life, drying out in my hands with his shock still on his ugly evil face, for all what he did to my millions of dead Apesians, and still i wouldn't be settled after eating his raw eyes out."

"-What you think Tarzel, should I pay him a visit then?"

But for the first time ever to say, Taemo might be the waste of time, because of my problem...a matter on the complexity of pendant on the one side of the planet, emissary on the other and temple on the third side, and no time to learn the rules in between. Only one shot of this. Or the whole planet blows. I would blow up the planet, Taemo and and the Specalliance, but The planet is populated, and the planet is mine. When we land I mustn't blow my cover before I find my emissary, this is going to be a serious fight, so it is time for serious questions.

-"Tarzel, what is the fastest transport you can find me, do you have the optiport in your base on Temba? I'm afraid that I literally need to be on two places at the same time with the mission i have, flying is too slow and too loud, traceable, and not stealthy. This part is very important. I have some more prots to pay for this favour."

-"We don't have optiports any more, everything was destroyed in base 2, we have drones and fighters in bases 1 and 4 but that’s traceable and too messy, stealth doesn't work either. Heavy armour is something we have plenty of, but other then that… well… I do have something… Broel… What if I were to ask YOU for a favour?"

Tarzel's story is finally emerging forward. It seems that we have similar goals on Temba. After all, he is Tembian born, thirsty for rebel action. His eyes shined lost in something only I am witnessing now, as he was hiding under his temple scarred face, what could this be?

-"Go into the city, near Yawan section 56, find "Kodin", give him this black cube, he will know what to do with it. He is the master mechanic, actually our science rebel... He has my prototype toy well hidden. It is something that we stole from the collaboration of technology between humans and autonomous. A Floatfront Sandrazer from Hadden industries, point one armoured war speedracer first of its kind… Groundspeed faster then any sky fighters, barely controllable by any of us, but you might know to handle it, and it is equipped with a turret gutcannon. That could be the solution to your problem. Now for this present in return, Broel… Free them… free my people on Temba, Broel. Give them freedom. I know where you're heading. I saw that coat on you in Tanosk, I saw that blade in Tanosk… One who runs with pride into death with a sword can make a difference. I don't need your prots, nor goods. Just free my men women and children of Temba, and we will follow you, you have my word… and…"

Tarzel's eyes drifted away the words, as he was struggling with his age to hide something precious to him, but forced him to ask in dark times like this, the blue iris were glooming of a certain pride and emotions that cracked the man in front of me, he looked back to me saying.

-"Broel… please… find my Kira, my only daughter. She's your age. She is on Temba, protecting a small outerblock left of Hulix, she is probably alone. Find her and protect her! And… tell her… actually just give her this"

Small locked holocard...

Tarzel… has a daughter… So many things, so little time, but I want to give this warrior a promise, after all you don’t see every starrize Tarzel believes in someone to the extent of his services. I am moved of his intuition that he might not see her ever again, I reacted without thinking, faster then mind, we, Apesians are… cosmic… to the roots.

-"Tarzel, my new friend, you have my word."

The moment was settled by the pilot on the deck. Time is 4tomn to Temba. Tarzel switched back to a machine of devouring evil, saying:

-"Good. Now, for our landing attempt fight, we have class 4 armorfield and we even have cluserblasters on this K-drone, and half of my best crew is here with me, more then enough to make a chaos big enough for you to get into the city, we will then regroup and stay in contact with a line that Kodin provides you."

We are entering Temba's atmosphere. Let's take this planet back.

Chapter.3 - The Landing

I am on the pilot deck. Flex shields are opening, primary breaks are down... entering the upper atmosphere passing the patrol stations. This is a pretty solid modified K-drone, although heavy to land without primary breaks. We have no choice. On the fifth transmission, patrol of the Specalliance asking for clearance scan, we’ve been spotted. If we slow down and let them lock us, we're dead, if we don’t slow down, we'll crash. The ship is barely keeping its bolts and z-welds in place, but this is the only plan Tarzel and I can come up with. It's a lunatic plan, but it should work. We’ll use use 20 layers of class 4 shield in rapid disperse mode half of the second each at the imminent impact to crash softly around 5 tomns from the city. We’re saving the shield for this, sand remnants from the storm in the atmosphere are scraping the coating from the drone, the front glass is scratched beyond visibility. Now we're looking through the handscreens. Holding tight our chairs, we need to jump down to the lower deck cargo bay and arm few land turrets immediately. Station 2 is firing the warning pulses around us. We are definitely going to crash. I have an idea.

-"I wish I could be more help Tarzel! You know these 20 layers are going to make a crater - if we end up in it, we’ll be surrounded by high walls their forces will have the upper hand.” -"What do you suggest?!"

-"This might work! I saw you have omnibombs. We should crash at 50 degrees - if we time and blow up the bottomtank on the impact from the inside, we will seal that compartment and protect ourselves from the force, the shock of the impact will be strong enough to bounce the drone out of the shockwave crater, putting us on the higher ground."

-"Yeah but you need to plant this omnibomb from outside on the tank, the metal floor in the Room 5 above the tank is very thick, and the blast will suffice if you plant it within the room itself!”

-"I have my black blade! It can cut metal! I’ll penetrate the hull to reach the tank and stick the omnibomb."

-"You have 2 tomns, so you better hurry with the idea!"

As I left Tarzel, station two issued the firing order, a thousand flans all around us start hitting the secondaries. I hear some of the fist pulses hitting the rear compartments, making the whole drone start shaking violently in atmosentry. I'm running like Tarzel now through his warready armed crew, decks on fire and short-circuited boxes, debris of damaged rooms in flames and dead crew. Running in an animal mode of my own towards room 5, screaming from inside to my blade, I need you for this... listen to my mind. I need to cut that metal, it is time to control you, to make you resonate... sing to me once again… I need the divine sharpness. In the room 4 grabbing the omnibomb with the trigger. I can trigger this precisely with my mindjump, but still haven’t mastered the blade cutting power, one and a half tomns left...

I’m in Room 5. There is not much time left, Blur it out, blur it out...
Silence of the mind... I’m killing the sounds with my mind now. Shut up! Shut up! blur it out... I'm using my dreams to silence the reality now... the room is becoming silent, I'm starting to listen to the resonance of the materials around me, becoming aware of the surrounding subparticle architecture protoflow... Deep breath... I am the protoflow, my mind is heritage, my hands are the arrows of the plans... That dream of the ancient king... my mission... my path... Gaen ta ptah soqlra fa ta tio ptah. Are s Somanae.

Black blade starts resonating... a profound tone... I am taking the time of the ritual, dragging the blade of the sheath in all the glory of the divine sharpness and heritage. My doubts have slipped away, this blade has been my companion for many cycles, I was his guardian and he was mine, our fates brought us here to strike an indelible and unstoppable path towards a single outcome… The Apesian way. The mindmagnetic handle glued my both hands to my mind. The sword accepted me.
I screamed my guts in a victory resonant with my fate’s possession, the blade cuts through the metal as through air... Pure control of the artefact as I swung through the metal several more times out of pure satisfaction from the divine, the hole was large enough, I reach the upper plate, stick and arm the omnibomb. Done. Thank you, blade.

I was absent from reality enough to forget that our whole K-drone is almost falling apart - the flans made hundreds of holes through the ship as we stormed through the forces. Luckily the mod of the ship kept it operational, protecting the main class 4 shield panel and keeping the main proskur navigation hub online. As we entered the lower atmosphere sizzling in violent fire and smoke, fresh breathable xygen filled the ship. Heading to the cargobay where Tarzel and his men are armed and bracing for impact. I tied myself between two steel beams, solidifying my coat into a solid mass, holding the trigger. His copilot will trigger the layers and I will trigger the omnibomb right after the 18th layer. My calculations are correct. the last two layers of the shield will make us slide for a militomn. we should be out of the crater with our shields dug on the clear ground.

-"Tarzel, this is one marvelous piece of wreckage! The omnibomb is armed, now I'm having fun you old Tembaniac! Let's stay alive for each other's sake!"
On the screen as the ground is getting exponentially closer. I can see some forces already allocated to our crash point, waiting for us to smash there with death in their arms, but unaware of our plans. Tarzel, with navscreen in his hands screams "Now!". Perfect timing. The tremor of the of the class 4 shield energy scattered what little has been hanging by metal threads. My strap broke and I plummeted through the air, flying to catch momentum enough to grab the ceiling beam while layers of shield hit us one after another,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18… and I release the trigger… The blast ignited the tank, pushing a ship upwards like it’s nothing, setting our ambush scattering in total chaos, shrapnel flying. Tarzel and I, plus 30 of his men and warbots flew to the ceiling across the cargobay, some men dead in an instant due to the force, but it worked… brilliantly.

Stunned, but no time to waste, their shock is our advantage, up from the smoke far from the ambush. I need to steal a floater in the chaos and get to the city. Tarzel is magnificent warrior, his scream moving his men to burn severed limbs with repair tools to stop the bleeding and plant the thirst for the fight. Their forces are rushing towards our site, but we already stabbed 20-30 barricaders into the softsand, moving towards their forces. Kingston mercenaries screamed:
"Steeeeeel dreads! Take heads! bloodbaths of joy!"

Guns burning the sand around me as I'm running towards the big gunnerbot before it blasts our crew, Blade extended, sings like my child now, cutting through meat after metal,in a sea of gore, blood and grunts squirting out the misery of their innefective weak attempt to control the force of selfcarved skills born in anger and exiles. Limbs fly, the shocked severed heads of those who deserved it. My shieldcoat serves me well, metamorphing into a shelter wherever needed, I was so light and and fast I landed deep in their surrounding, but before any more guns start blasting my way, Tarzel started cracking necks as they haven’t seen him climbing the gunnerbot killing 5 in an instant with his bare hands, and a sixth with his favourite knife I can say by the smile of that toss, and another modded blaster of his own made a huge whole in a u-bot behind me. Their reinforcements are going to show up in no time.

"-See that Broel ! Right there, grab that floater, run and ill smash the path around for you ! Lets kill this gunnerbot first!"
It seems commander was piloting this third gunnerbot, harder to kill, pretty fast for a big machine, something specialized for a commander speaking: "You fools will not stand a tomn on this planet! surrender or we will add these punishments to your race points!"
Nothing makes me angry as these bizarre pitiful human clones working for the autonomous force. I screamed towards it, Tarzel stepping and crouching in my way to toss me up and towards the gunner. As I rocketed to the top of the machine, my blade slices the cockpit in half - his highness’ guts leaking out over the controls.

"Tarzel, now!"

A blast of 30 guns made a line of free field towards their floaters, I'm still running with the blade out, making me lighter with the titancoat, cutting guts in the way as much as I can so there's less work for my new brothers. I am almost sorry for leaving them, but this already seems like an unfair fight towards the local forces. Tarzel screams through flans and fires:

"-Free my men on Temba Broel, and we will follow you to all ends of the universe. And don't forget her name."

After all these favours, I won't forget. Kira. Holocard.

This floater works, instant speed. I need Kodin last so I will locate the emissary first. I will probably pick his signal around Brueloos palace or on the meeting, It will be easier to advise where he searched for the pendant to search together. But right now I am chased by 4 other soldiers on the floaters. Looks like fun. I tossed a knife in the eye of closest already allmost picking the rest. Three left, I should try to loose the rest. Inner city Temba, Brueloos palace, Taemo, I'm coming for you all.

Story written by Adis Kutkut - Billain

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