MethLab Bristol - Interviews

METHLAB // The remix of TC's "Next Hype" you made together with Crissy Criss and erb N dub has been nominated for the best remix of 2016 in Drum&Bass Arena Awards, which only confirms your rocket rise during this year.
How do you feel about it?

MALUX // Pretty good to be honest. It's been mad how things have kicked off for me this year, and feel really humbled by all the good responses, particularly form that track, we have a bunch more remix work off the back of it too so excited to drop some new remixes with those guys soon!

METHLAB // This isn't the only collaboration with Crissy Criss and erb N dub you did recently. How do you like working with them and what you guys cooking together at the moment.

MALUX // As i said, a few new remixes. Also got a few originals, working with RAM and PROGRAM on the new bits so keep an eye out for those.

METHLAB // You're giving out some production secrets during your online masterclasses. What led you to educate the next generation of producers?

MALUX // I've been teaching for a while to be honest. I think it was a gap in the market to be honest, i studies at uni and never learnt any of the techniques for this kind of production so I thought there was room for someone to offer this kind of stuff. It also allows me to afford to work full time on music production which is great!

METHLAB // What can we expect from Malux in the near future?

MALUX // Lots! Got a bunch of singles and tracks coming out accrues a wide range of labels and hopefully my first EP in the new year!

METHLAB // Can you give us an update on the Skope alias as well?

MALUX // A lot more slowed down in terms of output since I've been spending so much time on Malux. But the Skope music is a lot more time consuming anyway. However a new EP is on the horizon for the new year.....

METHLAB // Three LPs, remixes for Mefjus and London Elektricity, several collaborations with Audeka - this seems like a very productive and successful year for Rawtekk. How do you feel about 2016 so far?

RAWTEKK // 2016 was most amazing, but it’s not even finished yet, because we will have two more releases in December on MethLab Recordings. In 2016 we started working even closer with MethLab, who facilitated a lot of new opportunities. They supported us in every way, believed in us and made so many things possible. 

METHLAB // Can you tell us what is the story behind the name of the Here's To Them album?

RAWTEKK // For many years we’ve created music with a deep, maybe dark or raw and still sensitive approach. Our urge always has been to touch listeners on many levels and maybe add something to the way people perceive the world. We think that the Here’s To Them album effectuates this in a lot of ways. This work was supposed to be an elaborate, wholehearted, honest, giving and radical gift pack of music in a toast to 'them', addressing the listeners who care. Another line in the song of the same title is 'to those who care’.

METHLAB // We couldn't also miss the absolutely stunning music video for the same titled track by Denial of Service. How important is the visual representation of your music for you?

RAWTEKK // We still love that piece of art Denial of Service created and we are so glad Billain through MethLab introduced us to him! His art is one with the song and we think it raises the intensity of the music by not adding anything that would change the feeling or expectation if someone would know the song first and then watch the video. Thus visual representation is extremely important for us if it matches the music and we wish that we will be able to have the opportunity to collaborate with great artist like Denial of Service or Sascha Schmidt who recently created a video for 'Restless‘.

METHLAB // Few weeks ago Reloaded pt.1 & pt.2. appeared on MethLab. What led you to revisit and remaster your older material?

RAWTEKK // Over the last years many people kept asking us for the older tracks. One day we thought that we couldn’t stand by the old production sound anymore, because the demands we set on ourselves had stepped up. We started to feel bad about the original versions and didn’t want to still offer those the listeners. The old version neither corresponded to our present musical concept, nor the standard of our sound design. So we started our Reloaded versions. Often we didn’t have the original single tracks anymore or even the DAW projects were missing. That's why for example 'Your Game‘ was produced anew using the old stems we had in our back up folder. It came out to be one of the most complex arrangements we ever had. We think it’s not necessarily hearable, but we created over 200 single tracks in that arrangement. For other songs we used old mix downs without mastering and added new elements and drum layers. Sometimes we changed the arrangement and finally we gave a fresh mastering to them. Often that wasn’t easy, because the old mixes were very bad and that made a good final mastering difficult. To us the most important thing was not to change anything about the essence of the song and not to add anything that would change the character. 

METHLAB // Besides writing your own tunes you both work on sound design for other projects. Can you tell us more about these different aspects of creation and how much time do you spend daily in your studio?

RAWTEKK // The last years we’ve been working 24/7. A lot of times we even were at the studio throughout Christmas and New Year. We don’t have a fixed amount of hours we spend in the studio, but we’re almost always there. Sometimes we leave earlier, but still work on office things at home. On other occasions we work the night through. The reason for that is that we work on Rawtekk, but also commercials and sound design projects. We have to stick to deadlines and we always emphasize on quality instead of quantity. We just finished a project for Steinberg again, but we may not talk about the details yet. When we work for them we usually start recording, collecting and designing different sounds and then choose from them to carve the final product. Composing for commercials is different again. Recently we sold the worldwide exploitation rights to Mercedes for a sound logo we did for their transporter vans. It’s not easy to be invited for a pitch, because there are always many competing agencies. For us the next step is that each agency who was invited again asks many composers who usually pitch for no or very little money. So as a composer you are very lucky if you win the pitch.

METHLAB // What can we look forward to in 2017?

RAWTEKK // We are looking forward to having many collaborations with great producers and friends. Furthermore we are planning still secret projects and surprises.

METHLAB // Who are the artists that you most draw influence from (any genre)?

ALLIED // Hard to say what play an influence but I have recently been listening to.. 

Suuns // Overlook // Nils Frahm // Survey // Actress // The Smiths // Abstract Elements // Massive Attack // Death in Vegas // Jonsi & Alex // Hydro & War // Midland // Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood & The Rajasthan Express.

METHLAB // Shortly before Obscurity landed, you remixed Atlantis by Skynet on Full Force Recordings. How did you get to remix this track and how did you enjoy working on it?

ALLIED // It was an honour to be asked to remix Atlantis, Skynet has played such an important role shaping the sound of Drum & Bass for me. I used to play the original so have a close connection with the track, the parts are extraordinary so the remix just fell into place. I made most of it in bed. 

METHLAB // You recommend your favourite tracks on your FB on weekly basis. How important for you is the support of other artist's work?

ALLIED // Hugely so, we are involved in a niche scene so any shares / reposts can really extend the reach of a track. I rely on other artists music for my dj sets so any additional support I can give; I will. I use my track of the week post as an opportunity to remind or introduce music and this can give an insight into what I might be playing in my sets around the time. 

METHLAB // What are you up to at this moment? Are you working on any new releases?

ALLIED // As usual I have taken the summer off from producing. I find creating during the colder months helps the feel of tracks. I have recently finished a new single which features a track with my friend Lockjaw which I am really into. Alongside that I have four new tracks in the works, if I can maintain the theme these will be set for a new EP in 2017.

METHLAB // You've recently moved from Thailand to UK. What made you decide to move back and can you compare living in these two countries?

SKYNET // After living in Bangkok for nearly 3 years it was becoming difficult traveling so much & so far for gigs & also missing out on other opportunities. Living in Bangkok, Thailand is very different from the UK. 90 degrees everyday, amazing food & fresh fruit on every corner. Cost of living is also very different. Bangkok is the biggest city in the world so that comes with its pros & cons as I do prefer to be surrounded by nature & peace. But it's great to have everything you need at ones doorstep. Thai people are awesome too, very happy & funny people. Hard working, never complaining & still always smiling. Must be the Sun & coconuts! :D

METHLAB // On the the REVENANT album forthcoming on MethLab Recordings you have a collab track with MachineCode. How did you enjoy working on the track with guys?

SKYNET // It was great to get to work with those guys, super talented producers. I look forward to working with them again, but next time it will be a studio collaboration as I like to vibe live with others. 

METHLAB // Can you tell us more about your future releases?

SKYNET // Happy to report there lots of forthcoming releases & collaborations in the pipeline. Over the next 2 months there will be a 2 track release on "Program", Bad Taste & also the Machine Code collab on MethLab. Will announce more at a later date. 

METHLAB // This Summer you've put out a large (over 1000 sounds) sample-pack. How was working on this and what did you use for creating all these sounds?

SKYNET // Yes, it was a large sample pack, my fourth sample pack so far. All sample pack were limited editions with downloads caps in place to ensure that the samples retained their rarity & hence more value to those that were lucky enough to purchase. The last sample pack I created using a combination of hardware & digital processing, including vintage hardware samples. I will be working on a new sample pack shortly which should be released next year.

METHLAB // You had a chance to play in Tokyo this year. Can you tell us how did this gig go and what was your impression of the Japanese dnb scene?

SKYNET // It was awesome to finally get to perform in Tokyo & also take in some of its environment & sample its local foods. The scene is good & growing very strong. I really look forward to getting back out there again & next time to stay longer.


DATE // 26.11.2016
VENUE // Blue Mountain Club
LOCATION // Bristol, UK