Gore Tech // Favourite 5 of 2013

It's no secret that Gore Tech is a bit of a friendly badass; a guy who is happy to excitedly talk about his plans in the most charming way possible in one moment, then pull you through a sonic grinder the next with his relentless audio assaults. It can be stated with certainty that his sets are aimed squarely at turning dancefloors into drooling pulped messes with his production, which draws influence from the audio sludge walls of Doom, bass from Dub culture and of course the percussion from Breakcore, Hardtek and Metal. For his selection he's kept it on the electronic tip, heavily featuring output from the rest of the MethLab roster... Check his recommendations!


Algorithmic - Dangerous (From The Teknoist's 'Our Fucking Jungle' label)


Balkanksy - Ruchilo (From his 'Orenda' album)


The DJ Producer - Ease Up Selector (PRSPCT XTRM)


Johnny Sideways - Systema (Mechanical Brain)


Receptor & Freqax - First Step (Forbidden Society Recordings)



Fresh Gore Tech Mix & Free Release

Also just out this week from Gore Tech, he's just released a totally fresh mix - Mainframe Warfare Mk2. Including plenty of heavy material smashed up by the man himself, and including some as yet unreleased gems such as the quite astounding 'The Red Octave' - which totally blew us away. 

Finally - one of his earliest creations is being shown the light of day through a free release on Bulgaria's Metafiziq Recordings. Listen below and follow the link here to download!