Rawtekk // Favourite 5 of 2013

As we head into the unknown waters of 2014; we thought we'd take a look back and ask some of our artists about the tracks they were most fond of last year. We're doing it to give you guys a deeper perspective of their creative tastes, as often it can be the case that producers get pigeon-holed into a single genre dimension. This is certainly not the case for the first artist in this feature though - with Rawtekk quite clearly defining their diverse tastes in their debut LP 'Sprouted & Formed', which came out on Hospital Record's more experimental offshoot label - Med School Music. From their LP, this complex duo's perspective on their musical territory is clearly wide-ranging - whilst being anchored in Drum and Bass with dancefloor churning tracks like 'Monopolists & Robberies', it also forays into beautifully powerful Dubstep with 'A Magnaminous Kind's Will' (one of our favourites), thumping and wonky Techno with 'Skrotum Left it's Dwelling' and the ambient'hop of 'Keyswitch'. All in all it's amazing that the album is able to hit so many genres, and so successfully - No wonder then that both Vice and Subsphereblog named it as one of their favourite albums of 2013.

2014 will see the release of a series of remixes of tracks from the LP, from some of the finest producers currently creating. The first coming from none other than past collaborator, and incredible producer - Phace.. check it below and get your pre-orders in here! We'll be keeping you updated on news of further remixes as it comes :)

Continuing our retrospective - without further ado, here are Rawtekk's personal favourites of 2013, possibly in line with what you might expect from this incredible pair's diverse tastes:

Clark - Suns Of Temper (Bear Paw Kicks Version)

Rawtekk - "We love the drum editing, sound design and mood of this track..."


Jon Hopkins - Collider

Rawtekk - "It consumes you, and is one of our favourite dance tracks of 2013..."


Neosignal - Sequenz

Rawtekk - "Raum und Zeit is our favourite album of 2013. We especially love the track 'Sequenz'..."


I Am Legion - Dust Descends (ft. Strange U)

Rawtekk - "Perfect work from Noisia's new project, as we always expect from them..."


Aphex Twin - 54 cymru beats

Rawtekk - "Aphex Twin is still one of our favourite artists, and we especially love his fabulous Drukqs album. We will always love it..."