Fresh from smashing the dnb scene with his incredible BIOCELLULOSE LP on Critical Music, along with 'Pelham 123' as part of MethLab // 2 on Bad Taste Recordings - Current Value's tour schedule for the year is filling up and it's wise to get booking requests in soon.


10/06/2016 Friday - Korsakov DnB - Rotterdamn // Holland
17/06/2016 Friday - Sydney
18/06/2016 Saturday - Canberra
24/06/2016 Friday - Melbourne
25/06/2016 Saturday - Perth
02/07/2016 Saturday - Nu Forms Festival - Wiesen
09/07/2016 Saturday - Freqs Of Nature Festival - Germany
29/07/2016 Friday - LIR Summer - Czech Republic
30/07/2016 Saturday - Wipeout Open Air - Portugal15/07/2016
06/08/2016 Saturday - Galota Fest - Slovakia15/07/2016
10/09/2016 Saturday - K-Town Festival - Kortijk - Belgium
23/09/2016 Friday - DUB NIGHT - Paris
05/11/2016 Saturday - Overdub - Barcelona - Spain
10/11/2016 Thursday - Drum Room - Brussels - Belgium
11/11/2016 Friday - Fabric London - London - Uk
18/11/2016 Friday - TBA - Void - Berlin - Germany
19/11/2016 Saturday - DRM BSS - Rostock - Germany
25/11/2016 Friday - Inversion - Amsterdam - Holland
26/11/2016 Saturday - MethLab Bristol - Uk
25/12/2016 Sunday - SSD - Ostrava - Czech Republic
21/01/2017 Fri - Critical Night - Sofia - Bulgaria

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"With jaw-dropping collabs and remixes coming from fellow tech-warriors, Phace, Mefjus, Enei, and Anode, the entire LP is a massive gift to all the fellow space cadets out there looking to get in the groove."



"It seems like this artist never runs out of ideas, because the quality of the new record doesn’t compromise the earlier released EPs that had the same kind of style."



"Biocellulose is a journey without concessions through some of the darkest corners of drum & bass and again pointing directly toward the center the dance floor."

DNB Spain


"This is most likely going to be my favorite LP of 2016, I can’t say for certain as D&B is so fucking strong right now, but I am almost 99% sure haha I love every track, I mean that, LOVE."

Nu:Sound Music


"This album is an absolute triumph of production and arrangement that will leave fans of Current Value’s rolling, techno drum and bass sound screaming for more like the baying, insatiable animals they are."



"From titanic collaborations to organic, freeform idea explorations that don’t linger at half-produced status, Current Value – Biocellulose sums up exactly why Current Value commands his unique space in drum & bass."



"Eliot has been pretty vocal about his respect for Mefjus, whose gritty style has toughened Critical's output since 2012. Both artists clearly have a similar aesthetic—"Senescence" proves it. The collaborative track claws and scratches with sharp talons, making for one of the roughest and rowdiest efforts here."

Resident Advisor


"Trademark banging beats, huge twisted basslines and colab’s mefjus and phace arguably 2 of the best in the biz are just some parts of the stellar LP. Remixes offerings come from Anode and Enei, so you already know this is going to be a beast on the floor!"

DNB Vault


"Current Value once again shows the Drum and Bass world how to dive a little deeper into the darkness. With relentless basslines, and a signature sound that is unlike any other. The Biocellulose LP on the mighty Critical Music is a masterful collection of tunes aimed right for the heart of the dance floor."



"The atmospherics and sound design detail are what really make this album shine; from the majestic synth intro of Phace collab Thump, through the eerie bleep-led buildup of Footwork and into the technoid strains of Vigilant Minds, there are so many fantastic sonic elements in Biocellulose to contrast and complement the stomping beats and basslines."

DNB Dojo


"The album is full of massive emotional intros and continues on to be a hard-pressed thrasher. Moving you through a gridwork of sonic exploration, each bassline holds it all together, creating a solid and one of a kind release."



"It’s controlled chaos. It’s organised mayhem. But above all it’s gritty, exciting and full of energy."

Ninja Ninja