MethLab // 2 - Kursa Interview -

What’s Behind this Door?  (words by Tarik Elkhiyari)

We step into the world of Kursa. A world where anything is possible through the variables of time and sound. Sound is nothing but a medium to be bent, stretched, torn in oblivion and then repeated over again into unrecognizable shape. A mentality that Kursa maintains and injects into pretty much all of his music. It is all a big experiment, an adventure into realms that has been untapped and untouched to create something new and exciting which is what makes Kursa one of the most exciting electronic acts of our kind.

 Starting out with a burning desire to break out of the norm and produce something original and fresh. Kursa is one of the founding pioneers of the Neurohop genre. Turning heads and inspiring producers to add twisted neurofunk flavours to heavily crunched 110bpm hip hop beats, he made a stamp on the production world and gained the support of heavyweights Billain and Noisia for his pure originality. Now a core member of MethLab agency, and crushing dancefloors with his funk infused dnb beats, his addition to MethLab 002 is a testament to his creative ideas and flow.

Behind this Door begins with haunting robotic groans and screeches, weaving in and out of filtered percussion that leads to a perfectly executed galloping break, with sub sonic frequencies cutting into the fray. A nod to the old tech style that we all love but yet masterfully retaining a fresh, futuristic edge that appeals to all and leads the path to the new generation.

We caught up with Oska to dive into his mind on the making of this track and his journey into the dystopian future of MethLab.

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Thanks for joining us Oska! What are you up to at the moment?

Yo Dude! Always a pleasure matey boyo. Right now I’m chilling on the roof of a pub with my homies Fat Pat, James Myr and m’lady FFINN. Soaking up the sun and soon to be heading to the studio with none other than the mighty Seppa!


You have had quite the journey in lead up to your signing with the MethLab agency. How did the signing come together?

Well, I’d been speaking to Jef for quite a while and MethLab is obviously rammed full of incredible artists in the scene that I’ve admired and respected for a very long time. Eventually I suppose we realised we have a pretty similar outlook musically and it made sense to work together more while we pursue matching levels of intensity with sound and image, whilst not remotely sacrificing creative integrity.


Why was MethLab right for you? And what does the MethLab concept mean to you individually?

As an agency they’ve been nothing but supportive in pushing me to pursue my musical vision exactly as I see it, Jef has been an incredible help in making sure I stay true to my bigger plans with the Kursa project and not letting all the bullshit in between completely destroy my creative output and not fearing being the oddball of the scene. MethLab operates more as a crew of like-minded individuals than a business venture, at the same time operating with the highest professionalism and respect.


You make alot of different genres of music, what made you come back into the fray of drum and bass?

I just felt like trying it dude, it’s as simple as that really :3


Take us through Behind this door. How did the release come together? Was it something quite quickly or something you spent alot of time on?

As with most tunes I don’t completely hate, the bulk of the idea for the tune came together pretty quickly, a few days or so. I find that when I’m on to a good idea it’ll flow relatively quickly over the course of a few days solidly locked in the studio. Mike Wallis (FAEK) has not only provided a fantastic space to work on things without any distractions, but has also been a massive inspiration in pushing my sounds further, balls out heavy shit vibe YAGETME


Production wise, what was your mindset into making this track? Did you have an idea or concept in mind or was it something that came naturally?

Usually I start with drums on my tunes, making some sort of a theme or vibe within the rhythms bouncing between the kicks, snares, hats, and other percussion. My favourite kind of dnb is always gonna be the rollers, so I knew that was the style I was going to experiment with from the outset.


Were there any techniques or ideas that you incorporated into this track that you haven’t before? What was the creative angle?

Every tune I make has something I haven’t tried before. For this one, I wanted to make something heavy and pushed but not with the quite so obvious huge reese basses. Of course I still love reese-heavy music but I felt like that would be a bit too obvious to rinse. That doesn’t remotely mean that I will not be making some ridiculous reese bass fuelled dnb in the future… it also doesn’t mean that there’s not some coming very soon.



You have been collaborating alot with Seppa, will we be seeing anything more with that?

We have about 4 tunes at the final stages of production right now. Working with Seppa is one of the most intensely fun projects I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of, not just because he’s a piss-taker and has a good sense of humour (which is essential for collaboration) but also because his approach to production is just as critical as mine; neither of us will stop working on a tune until we’re happy that we’ve made it as good as we can (which is still never good enough).

It’s just an amazing feeling working with someone that you can just completely let go of the hot seat to and know you can absolutely trust where they’ll take the sound.


Whats next in the world of Kursa?

Another 3 albums are in the final stages of production, along with various visual projects to accompany them. An exclusive tape release, because why-the-fuck-not, plus remixes all over the place and collaborations with everyone in the pursuit of making interesting music. Feeling pumped for the summer with sets around the UK, including Noisily Festival along side the K.L.O, Colony Productions family and MethLab crewdem. Also Boomtown again for the first time in a while! Slowly getting back in to playing live shows and really enjoying them.


Who are your top 3 artists at the moment?

Obviously as he’s been relentlessly killing it in completely his own way. I’ve just been lucky enough to hear it all first! SUCKERS!!


Some of the raddest beats and vibe creators I’ve heard in a long time. I love his deep emotive content matched with groovy, chunky drums… what’s not to love!


Mário has been an inspiration for a long time, his minimalistic approach on intensely solid grooves always manages to catch me off guard. Incredible things to come from this dude, from what I’ve heard and what I know he’ll push himself to create.

And any final words?

I love where music is going right now, so many crews are coming together with like-minded production mentalities, straying away from the typical bounds of genres and just making shit that absolutely bangs. Everyone just needs to remember that popularity contests are for school children and no one really gives a fuck what you sound like at the end of the day more than the person making it themselves. Make what you love, never ever pussy out and bend over for any label, remember to keep shit musical, politics and drama are the least inspiring things on this planet.

Peace, love and endless chaos to all xox