BNKR001 - Allied - Obscurity EP - Overview

Massive thanks to all of the journalists, reviewers who covered the EP - and also to the Youtube channels that uploaded them (MA Music, Inspector Dubplace, Darkstep Warrior, Neurofunkgrid & DnB Portal)

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Mixmag Germany - 9 / 10

"MethLab releases a 12'' vinyl with 2 tracks and a digital EP with 4 tracs celebrating the start of their limited BNKR series with Allied, from Brighton. The title track 'Obscurity' is a real sound monster, a long fade-in creates tension, before the saturated bassline, a heavy snare and a almighty wall of sound from technoid synths and other sounds drowned in reverb smash through the speakers. The hypnotic sound overflows the listener, and releases him just only at the end, as elegantly as it caught him in the first place. The flipside and th digital sounds are solid as well, but "Obscurity" alone should be enough reason to purchase this release". 

DjMag Uk - 8.5 / 10

"The Intro on this one is truly atmospheric, it's other-worldly, almost spiritual but simulataneously sinisterly futuristic, leaving us confounded as to where the track will take us. By the intro's end, dark pads and repeating synth are building into an uncontainable pressure, being spilling over and release waves of stepping beats and an unsettling industrial sci-fi fibe. This track has so many layers, we're excited to see what the future holds for this new label".

UKF // BNKR picked as essential new label

"Inspired by their immersive audio/visual BNKR events, the currently unstoppable Methlab ignite the new year with a brand new label of the same name. Catapulting themselves into the techy ether this month with an alarmingly dark release from Allied, future BNKR releases are due from War, Audeka and MachineCode’s Dean Rodell. Unconventional, atmospheric, frenetic tech complemented with an equally future-struck visual package, BNKR will be a force to be reckoned with throughout 2016".

FAZE Magazine - 9 / 10

"Neurofunk has never been so strong, so broadly based and musically as interesting as last year. The fact this won't be changed also in 2016 shows Allied with his Obscurity EP. With this release starts MethLab their BNKR series and simply does everything right. Multilayered and clean produced the tracks roll on the dancefloor. Partly almost reluctant, they nevertheless have the power to set everybody in the club on fire. The EP will be released as a digital release as well as on vinyl (although reduced to two tracks) but whether any digitalist or vinylist shouldn't miss the Obscurity EP."

BASSRUSH - "Kick-starting MethLab Recordings’ minimalist future funk BNKR series, Allied rises to the top with his dark and apocalyptic vibes and conjures up a vision of a sinister space journey gone awry."

DISPLACE AUDIO - "Obscurity EP appeared to be much better, than just a regular neurofunk release. It challenges your mind, providing you with all the tools needed to unleash your imagination and help you create your own story. If that’s what BNKR is all about — then it has our full attention. Let’s see what another new label — MethLab Recordings will bring to the table as a debut release. Feels like it’s only the beginning of something big."

DNBDOJO - "The first thing that jumps out about the tracks Allied have put together for this EP is their relative subtlety. In a subgenre where impact is king and technicality is often praised above musicality, sometimes the aggressive midrange and pounding drops can become overpowering, so it’s refreshing to hear a balance being struck between heft (and trust me, these tracks are still hefty) and atmospherics. A bass-line dick-waving contest entry this is not!"

DRUMFIREDNB - "Godspeed - On the flip, we have 'Godspeed'. Following in the wake of 'Obscurity', this track extends the aforementioned aesthetic of rolling, sci-fi dissonance, although with a subtler edge to it. The snare drum is light; super light, and the long, powerful pads have been replaced by plucky percussion and experimental effects. It's still got a ton of beef in the low end, but overall it feels more reserved."

NUSOUNDSMUSIC - "I like Allied and I like MethLab, so this was a no brainer. As I have mentioned, I wanted to hear a little more thought into the beats from my Darker people. MethLab are doing good things with good people and this EP is an extension of that.  Allied, one of the more underrated producers in my opinion. Allied rarely fails to evolve in some way, has plenty of skills in the production value dept but also like’s to drop a banger every once in a while. This EP showcases all of what I have just said. 4 tracks all very good, some low key tracks and I mean that in the best possible way. They are quality and  grow on you, the more you listen the more you hear. Layers, sounds, variations and utter quality. With all that wonderful rationale of Allied’s skills, its the banger I love the most haha Centaurus A, a beastly little track. Minimal intro, cue the Heavy kick and some hint of whats to drop. Another well produced high energy track, with that excellent use of Electronic Music elements. Hypnotic and Rhythmic, minimal yet fierce. Love this track, the whole EP is quality and MethLab, off to a flyer!"

NINJANINJA - "The MethLab Agency is renowned for representing the biggest artists from the world of neuro and they’re now taking that a step further with the launch of MethLab Recordings. “The concept of the label is audio that reflects a derelict, stripped-down future aesthetic – abandoned installations from a post-apocalyptic landscape. Run down facilities packed full of complex, mysterious and enigmatic technology.” The label launches with the Obscurity EP from Bristol based producer Allied who also appeared on the MethLab’s collaborative EP with Bad Taste Last year. The flavour of the EP, as you’d expect from MethLab, is heavy but it’s not out of control or over the top. The tunes are big but refrained, there’s a beast on a leash that’s just kept in check so things don’t get messy and it works brilliantly".

MAGNETIC MAG - "Dubbed out futuristic sound - yes! A powerful and driven roller. Put this dubby-Techno in your pipe and smoke it! Or something. BNKR is MethLab's stripped-down experimental label." // "Slow and low and the second time in two weeks we've had Allied on the hit list (I've been saving it up for drip feed)". - "New hope for sharp, synthetic drum & bass is emerging! This is what can come through your mind when listening to the first release of experimental project BNKR, which belongs under Methlab agency. The EP is named Obscurity and was egineered by British producer named Allied. And it really is what you would hope for. Return of ingenuity to the currently hyped Neurofunk and 'tech' sound comes like the missing salt. No, stunning sounddesign and the overall sound just isn't enough for some of us. The need to feel the atmosphere, charge and energy is eminent. And that is something Allied is not afraid to provide. The strongest onslaught is brought by the tracks Obscurity and Centaurus A. Listening to them means experiencing an authentic flyby through galaxies, leaving you in a long-lasting awe. Although the atmosphere is slightly reminiscent of old times of neurofunk, nostalgia has no place here – this one is the purely futuristic vision. Tracks surprise by unexpectedly rich complexity, gradation and focus on adequacy. On technical side of thing, there is nothing to criticize, too. Allied dutifully builds its own distinctive sound, which he successfully managed to maintain for significant time, but now he has reached a next level and there is much to be expected from him in the future".

Original Press Release //

Influential neurofunk, tech and bass agency – METHLAB - land with the first release of their limited BNKR series, opening the label with ALLIED and his OBSCURITY EP as a 4 track digital EP and 2 track vinyl single. Following up his revered track ‘Anesthesia’ on the ‘MethLab // 1’ EP released through Bad Taste Recordings, Allied demonstrates his refined production technique and sleek, dubbed out futuristic sound with an EP designed to churn the dance-floors of tomorrow.

OBSCURITY opens the EP with filtered, washed-out pads and understated stabs that build towards a pure tidal drop of powerful undulating bass, underpinned by a firm stepper beat. GODSPEED introduces a pure breed of desolation and immaculate sonic tundra, breaking into a wall of relentless and perfectly balanced tech percussion. CENTAURUS A takes listeners to the realm between conscious and hazy unconscious realities, with a dreamy and haunting inhuman vocal element leading into a powerful and driven roller, punctuated with dub stabs and wearing its dub-techno influences clearly. GREY MATTER steps back with a light touch and beautifully placed call and answer synth element, while firm sci-fi reeses cut through to bring a unique edge.

With its stripped-down future aesthetic, the vision of the BNKR series is to create timeless pieces of highly polished production, packaged within the beautiful, stark artwork of Russian photographer Danila Tkachenko. Carefully presented and collectable, the first part of this limited series is a must have for any true follower of DnB.