MLR 042 // Roel Funcken

Prolific dutch producer Roel Funcken has established himself an agile and meticulous sonic craftsman, whose output is as accessible as it is innovative. last year, he opened for Flying Lotus and Tipper during their last US tour. Most recently he toured japan playing together with Bvdub, Ametsub and Magical mistakes, he played in madrid for the strandbeest exposition from Theo Jansen and played at his own mindcamp event together with esem, flint kids and syl kougai.

As half of the group Funckarma, he has recorded for esteemed labels as Skam, Ad Noiseam, Arcola (Warp), Isophlux, Marguerita and others. In 2010 Roel felt it was time to express his own work more cohesively. Since then he has released the full length albums 'Vade' (Ad Noiseam) and 'Mercury Retrograde' (Schematic). More recent stuff are the 'From the Archive'-series, a remix compilation and two fresh hip hop projects: Ndangr Species ('Night Terrors') and Brmstn ('Ventcha tru da Vortexxx'). The latest projects worth mentioning is the new Legiac album with Cor Bolten, the Faex has Decimated, the instrumental versions of the Ndangr Species release. Currently he is working on a new solo studio album of which you can find tracks in the methlab mix (styx, cantweleaveit, stabb zoid). Plus he has a new ambient mix ready for Headphone Commute, which is called “The Voynich Manuscript mix” named after the forthcoming legiac ambient release.
Roel's sound is constantly in a state of dynamic evolution, bringing his broad love for genres to live in new musical hybrids that are difficult to tag.

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01.Red The Sun's Cold Disk-Hidden Rivers-Where Moss Grows

02.Emplixian Ambient (Yage Remix)-Funckarma-Touched two (The Remixes)

03.Watchin (Generate Remix)-Ard Bit-Touched two (The Remixes)

04.Light Footed _Sparkling Bits Remix)-Julien Mier-Soundcloud

05.Jungle Jim Rap instr-Ndangr Species vs Roel Funcken-Night Terrors instrumentals

06.Welcome To My World (Generate Remix)-2ndMOUSE-The Secret chords

07.GReyzone Baxter-Roel Funcken-Unreleased

08.Cracks in the Firmament-Rob Clouth-Hidden Structures

09.Morgana (Dn Fnckn rmx)-2ndmouse-Touched two (The Remixes)

10.Scala Naturae (with Evil Needle)-Invention x Ben Bada Boom-HOLISM EP

11.Anything instr-Ndangr Species vs Roel Funcken-Night Terrors instrumentals

12.Blurred Memories (feat. Synkro)-Bop-Punk's Not Dead LP


14.Power Plant-Deru-Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland


16.Peanut Butter & Patience-Deru-Say Goodbye to Useless

17.Android Robinson-Roel Funcken-Unreleased

18.Spider boat fisherman loudspeaker flash-Esem-Scateren

19.Two of Six-Tapage-Five & Six

20.Elas-(ghost)-Elas ep

21.aBliss-The Flashbulb-aBliss

22.Partita For Unattended Computer-Datassette-People Without Mouths

23.A213-Joy Orbison-Music For Autobahns II

24.Styx-Roel Funcken-Unreleased




28.Afterglow-Rival Consoles-Howl

29.The Smallest Measurable Space-Rob Clouth-Hidden Structures

30.Are-Yaporigami-Drudged Torn Routine


32.Low-Rival Consoles-Howl

33.Cant we leave it-Roel Funcken-Unreleased

34.Pete Fucking Tong-Si Begg-Jetlag And Tinnitus Part 2

35.Orage Majorelle-Syl Kougaï-Orage Majorelle

36.Walls-Rival Consoles-Howl

37.Blood Soldiers-The Fear Ratio-Refuge of a Twisted Soul

38.Elevens-A Theory-XLR8R

39.Blood Hound-Mønic-Human Pattern


41.Zêta-Syl Kougaï-Unreleased

42.Ganzfeld-Dopplereffekt/ Objekt-Hypnagogia

43.ONEFIVEOOOH-The Fear Ratio-Refuge of a Twisted Soul

44.Snapp Zoid-Roel Funcken-Unreleased

45.Boundary Regulation [feat. Egyptrixx]-Kuedo-Assertion Of A Surrounding Presence, ep




49.Monolite-The Flashbulb-aBliss