MLR040 // Allied

Allied - Joined by treaty, agreement, or common cause. Initially meeting at school through a mutual love of forward thinking music, Ali & Ed the Brighton based DJ and production duo soon started building a studio together. Quickly discovering and exploring sequencers, synthesizers and samplers they began to experiment within the blueprint of Drum & Bass to create the soundtrack to the Allied mind.

Their first release came in 2007 with ‘Unseen Sun’ & ‘Lunar 3’ on Sinuous Records, which in turn led to a series of releases on respected labels such as Rise Audio, DSCI4 & Syndrome Audio up to the end of 2014. The infectious nature of their unique, futuristic dub and techno influenced take on DnB really hit the mark in 2015 though – beginning the year with deep roller ‘Dissolved’ on the Berlin-based Subsistenz label, followed by the well-received ‘Heliox // Universe’ single on Mindtech Recordings. But it was in the 2nd half of the year the fire really began to burn in the Allied production furnace, with the exceptional and blissful ‘ANESTHESIA’ as part of the METHLAB // 1 EP on BAD TASTE RECORDINGS, a stunning collaboration with MACHINECODE in the form of ‘ABYSS’ on SUBSISTENZ and a remix of DnB pioneer legend SKYNET – with ‘ATLANTIS (Allied Remix)’ on Full Force Recordings.

2016 is set to bring a new wave of detailed production from Allied, starting the year with the launch release of MethLab’s BNKR label in the ‘OBSCURITY’ EP, set for release in February. With the release already praised by the heads of Bad Taste and Critical Music, we are surely about to see the rise of a new pioneer of his original sound in DnB.​



Allied - Godspeed 
Chook - The thread
Krone - Isis
Allied - Anesthesia 
Allied - Grey Matter 
Lockjaw - Binary Soul 
Malsum - Bonecruncher
Allied - Obscurity
Heamy - Thunderstorn
Lockjaw & Machine Code - Cryme
Skynet - Atlantis - Allied Remix 
Silent Witness - High Flyer
Allied - Centaurus A
Allied - The Awakening 
Sinthetix - Dementia
Machine Code & Allied - Abyss
The Sect - Feel Fire
Ophlot & Flare - Toecutter
Mindmapper & Silahfonk - Compromised 
CV - Declock 
Amit - Swastika