MLR039 // Dead Fader

MLR039 // Dead Fader

As Dead Fader, UK-born, Berlin-based John Cohen draws on ambient, noise and techno to create panoramic and hard-hitting electronic music which packs an emotional punch. In 2014 Cohen released two Dead Fader albums – Blood Forest and Scorched – which saw his music evolve into a signature style as moving as it is excoriating. It would be a gross oversimplification to suggest that the project now occupies a liminal space between revered Scottish duo Boards Of Canada and Australian sound artist Ben Frost but as a rough guide it’s not entirely misleading. Cohen reactivated the project in June of this year with the HYP 30 EP (available as a free download) followed by this month’s Sun Copter 12″. Both serve as appetisers for new full-length LP Glass Underworld, out October 22nd via Robot Elephant. In addition to his Dead Fader releases, Cohen has released work under his own name via Broken 20 (Tar River, 2011) and Exotic Pylon (Deaf Arena, 2013


Check out his latest LP - 'Glass Underworld' - HERE


Dead Fader - unreleased

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Autechre - Rale

Necro Deathmort - Bumbleclops

Steve Moore - Aphelion

Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld - With the dark hug of time

JK Flesh - Boundless Submission

Beast - DAATH KULTURE “Fossa” (Choronzon Mix)

Max Richter - Space 11 Dead Fader - Hyp 30