MLR038 // Zombie cats

MLR038 - Zombie Cats (Eatbrain, Bad Taste, Commercial Suicide, Lifted)

Zombie Cats are no new face on the DnB Scene. After years of countless releases on many respected Neurofunk labels, the old aliases were put aside for a new heavyweight vision. With a fresh production ethos that is up there with the best in the game, Zombie Cats found their new home on Eatbrain recordings, one of Europes biggest DnB labels. Their debut EP “Must Eat” was welcomed by fans and Dj’s alike, teaming up with long time friend Mefjus for the DnB chart topping title track. This year releases on respected labels such as Lifted, DnB Arena, and Commercial Suicide have pushed further forward..and with forthcoming releases on Bad Taste recordings and collaborations with other respected producers like Maztek, L33 and more, Zombie Cats are still not done with 2015.




Cat Attack - Zombie Cats [Commercial Suicide]

Metrolab - Trilo [Bad Taste]

Blood Money - Transforma [Dub]

Bloodhound - Mindscape [Blackout]

High Flyer - Silent Witness [Bad Taste]

Straight To Bad (Maztek VIP Remix)

Maztek & Grotesque [Icarus]

Anesthesia - Allied [Bad Taste]

Solar Core - Machine Code [Eatbrain]

Victory - Billain [Eatbrain]

Conditioning - Current Value [Bad Taste]

Retribution - AKOV [Mindtech]

Less Is More - Signs [Bad Taste]

Draw Blood - Zombie Cats [Commercial Suicide]

Mindscape - Phantoms [Blackout]

Dice Game Zero T [Fokuz]

Fall To Pieces - Dub Motion [Titan]

Pacify - Machine Code [Eatbrain]

Colonize - Billain [Eatbrain]

Hysteria - Dabs & A-Cray [Eatbrain]

Batbots - Billain [Bad Taste]

Evacuation - MachineCode [Bad Taste]

Abandoned - Zombie Cats [Bad Taste]

Abyss - MachineCode & Allied [Subsistenz]

Scorched Earth (Kemal Remix)

Bulletproof, Concord Dawn & Optiv [Cyanide]

Rocket Science - Current Value [Blackout]

Planets - Proton Kid [Kinetik]

One Sound - Mindscape ft. Kryptomedic [Blackout]

Alpha Barrier - MachineCode & Lockjaw [Invisible]

Don't Be Playing - Zombie Cats [Commercial Suicide]

The 4th - Mindscape [Blackout]

Carcosa - Hypoxia & Doctrine [Bad Taste]

Inverse - Noisia & Upbeats [Vision]

Top Shooter - Break [Symmetry Recordings]

Thrill Me - Zombie Cats & Safra [Dub]

Desolate - Zombie Cats feat. Sarah Pelicano [Lifted]