Subsistenz 13.5 // MachineCode, Allied & Lockjaw

ARTISTS // MachineCode & Lockjaw, MachineCode & Allied

RELEASE // Subsistenz 13.5

LABEL // Subsistenz

RELEASE DATE // 16.11.2015

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MACHINECODE follow up 2 strong EPs on EATBRAIN and C4C RECORDINGS with a pair of devilishly strong Tech collaborations on their homegrown Berlin-based SUBSISTENZ imprint. In true MachineCode style, these are tracks that cut straight to the dance, with powerful low end and consolidated and strong synth work. They are one of few artists who manage to balance just a few elements to make an impossibly strong audio tide that surges through sound systems and cuts down everything in its path. Quite apt then here that the pair (CURRENT VALUE & DEAN RODELL) have chosen to work with producers with similarly stripped aesthetics.

LOCKJAW, who has previously released on DISPATCH and INVISIBLE amongst other labels, steps up with the machines to manifest ALPHA BARRIER. A weighty stepper with uncompromising punch to the low end, melancholic atmospheric stabs drenched in reverb and the kind of eerie synthetic strings that would find themselves at home in the cold depths of space.

ABYSS sets the pair with ALLIED, a producer with an innate sense of anticipation in his build-ups and an allergy to traditional drops. Together with MachineCode, they deliver a heavy and slowburn track with a deeply heads-down attitude to progression and considered development that pulls the listener through a beguilingly bleak journey with an awesome acid tinge in the 2nd half.

SUBSISTENZ 13.5 is the result of 3 production entities with specific and profound visions for their DnB Aesthetics. In these tracks, nothing is without purpose – this is pure, refined audio with depth, weight and measured starkness.