New Release // MachineCode - 'Counterbalance' EP - C4C Recordings

Artist // MachineCode

Release // Counterbalance EP

Label // C4C Recordings

Available // BUY NOW

The EP kicks off with the title track, which features Coppa. Prepare yourself for a dark, driving opening to the tune, over which flows Coppa’s urgent rhymes. The producers come in with their full weight behind the stinging drums and hard, resounding basslines. Things drop down after the intro, pushing the boundaries even more, as sinuous samples are added in to create a mean, no-nonsense track. Fear the Counterbalance.

'Something' starts off smoother, but soon shakes off the shackles of conformity to become something else entirely. Space-age, universe-straddling vibes rush up and down, with snapping, militaristic drums and lifting synths. Touches of old skool complete the picture, of which Machine Code and CZA can be very proud indeed.

Next up, Machine Code delve deep with Take. From its slicing, shimmering intro into the main section of the track, the producers subtly add in layers of different sounds. From there, the track lifts up and out, with saws, synths and sliding mini-breaks. This is complex, involving music of the highest order.

The Machine Code remix of Cause4Concern’s Alchemist is the last tune on the EP, closing things out perfectly with swagger, attitude and a truck load of bass. Blasting and booming from your speakers, this one contains all the fire of the original, plus a brand new take from Current Value and Dean Rodell.