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FEATURING NEW MUSIC FROM // Allied // Audeka // Billain // Broken Note // Cause4Concern  // Disprove // Machine Code // Minor Rain // Rawtekk // Signs // Signal // Silent Witness 

An innovative and sleek new concept has emerged from a union between Tech-driven music entity METHLAB and ‘Memory Of A Broken Dimension’ creator XRA - bringing the future of music exploration abruptly into the present with a groundbreaking, immersive interactive audio player.  Combining the excitement of discovery with energetic sound in an intoxicating environment.

Set within an explorable virtual landscape with a stark glitch aesthetic, this is the product of XRA’s exquisite technical and visual design in showcasing the cutting-edge music of the MethLab roster in new, innovative and stunning visual way.

Scattered around the environment are a series of loops from the slickest tracks scheduled for release on a special collaborative series between MethLab and ‘BAD TASTE RECORDINGS’ (home label of the Drum and Bass giants ‘BAD COMPANY’) along with MethLab’s own ‘BNKR’ and ‘METHLAB RECORDINGS’ labels. The catalogue of artists features an impressive line-up of some of the most gifted producers currently making electronic music, including Aethek, Allied, Audeka, Billain, Broken Note, Disprove, MachineCode, Signal, Signs, Silent Witness, Rawtekk and Rob Clouth // Vaetxh.

Seattle-based XRA took time aside from his primary project, ‘Memory of a Broken Dimension’, to complete the interactive player. His work on MOABD has been described by Eurogamer as “One of the boldest, most unique aesthetics of any game this year” and by PC Gamer as “A deeply unpleasant assault of harsh lights, jagged shapes and atonal static that makes it weirdly compelling”. MOABD is green-lit on STEAM and will be available within the next year.

This is the first example of the future of label exploration in a digital world, shining the light on a path towards virtual, interactive environments that take music from the stale players of the past into an entirely fresh and forward-thinking space.

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