Chapter 3. The Landing

I am on the pilot deck. Flex shields are opening, primary breaks are down... entering the upper atmosphere passing the patrol stations. This is a pretty solid modified K-drone, although heavy to land without primary breaks. We have no choice. On the fifth transmission, patrol of the Specalliance asking for clearance scan, we’ve been spotted. If we slow down and let them lock us, we're dead, if we don’t slow down, we'll crash. The ship is barely keeping its bolts and z-welds in place, but this is the only plan Tarzel and I can come up with. It's a lunatic plan, but it should work. We’ll use use 20 layers of class 4 shield in rapid disperse mode half of the second each at the imminent impact to crash softly around 5 tomns from the city. We’re saving the shield for this, sand remnants from the storm in the atmosphere are scraping the coating from the drone, the front glass is scratched beyond visibility. Now we're looking through the handscreens. Holding tight our chairs, we need to jump down to the lower deck cargo bay and arm few land turrets immediately. Station 2 is firing the warning pulses around us. We are definitely going to crash. I have an idea.

-"I wish I could be more help Tarzel! You know these 20 layers are going to make a crater - if we end up in it, we’ll be surrounded by high walls their forces will have the upper hand.” -"What do you suggest?!"

-"This might work! I saw you have omnibombs. We should crash at 50 degrees - if we time and blow up the bottomtank on the impact from the inside, we will seal that compartment and protect ourselves from the force, the shock of the impact will be strong enough to bounce the drone out of the shockwave crater, putting us on the higher ground."

-"Yeah but you need to plant this omnibomb from outside on the tank, the metal floor in the Room 5 above the tank is very thick, and the blast will suffice if you plant it within the room itself!”

-"I have my black blade! It can cut metal! I’ll penetrate the hull to reach the tank and stick the omnibomb."

-"You have 2 tomns, so you better hurry with the idea!"

As I left Tarzel, station two issued the firing order, a thousand flans all around us start hitting the secondaries. I hear some of the fist pulses hitting the rear compartments, making the whole drone start shaking violently in atmosentry. I'm running like Tarzel now through his warready armed crew, decks on fire and short-circuited boxes, debris of damaged rooms in flames and dead crew. Running in an animal mode of my own towards room 5, screaming from inside to my blade, I need you for this... listen to my mind. I need to cut that metal, it is time to control you, to make you resonate... sing to me once again… I need the divine sharpness. In the room 4 grabbing the omnibomb with the trigger. I can trigger this precisely with my mindjump, but still haven’t mastered the blade cutting power, one and a half tomns left...

I’m in Room 5. There is not much time left, Blur it out, blur it out...
Silence of the mind... I’m killing the sounds with my mind now. Shut up! Shut up! blur it out... I'm using my dreams to silence the reality now... the room is becoming silent, I'm starting to listen to the resonance of the materials around me, becoming aware of the surrounding subparticle architecture protoflow... Deep breath... I am the protoflow, my mind is heritage, my hands are the arrows of the plans... That dream of the ancient king... my mission... my path... Gaen ta ptah soqlra fa ta tio ptah. Are s Somanae.

Black blade starts resonating... a profound tone... I am taking the time of the ritual, dragging the blade of the sheath in all the glory of the divine sharpness and heritage. My doubts have slipped away, this blade has been my companion for many cycles, I was his guardian and he was mine, our fates brought us here to strike an indelible and unstoppable path towards a single outcome… The Apesian way. The mindmagnetic handle glued my both hands to my mind. The sword accepted me.
I screamed my guts in a victory resonant with my fate’s possession, the blade cuts through the metal as through air... Pure control of the artefact as I swung through the metal several more times out of pure satisfaction from the divine, the hole was large enough, I reach the upper plate, stick and arm the omnibomb. Done. Thank you, blade.

I was absent from reality enough to forget that our whole K-drone is almost falling apart - the flans made hundreds of holes through the ship as we stormed through the forces. Luckily the mod of the ship kept it operational, protecting the main class 4 shield panel and keeping the main proskur navigation hub online. As we entered the lower atmosphere sizzling in violent fire and smoke, fresh breathable xygen filled the ship. Heading to the cargobay where Tarzel and his men are armed and bracing for impact. I tied myself between two steel beams, solidifying my coat into a solid mass, holding the trigger. His copilot will trigger the layers and I will trigger the omnibomb right after the 18th layer. My calculations are correct. the last two layers of the shield will make us slide for a militomn. we should be out of the crater with our shields dug on the clear ground.

-"Tarzel, this is one marvelous piece of wreckage! The omnibomb is armed, now I'm having fun you old Tembaniac! Let's stay alive for each other's sake!"
On the screen as the ground is getting exponentially closer. I can see some forces already allocated to our crash point, waiting for us to smash there with death in their arms, but unaware of our plans. Tarzel, with navscreen in his hands screams "Now!". Perfect timing. The tremor of the of the class 4 shield energy scattered what little has been hanging by metal threads. My strap broke and I plummeted through the air, flying to catch momentum enough to grab the ceiling beam while layers of shield hit us one after another,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18… and I release the trigger… The blast ignited the tank, pushing a ship upwards like it’s nothing, setting our ambush scattering in total chaos, shrapnel flying. Tarzel and I, plus 30 of his men and warbots flew to the ceiling across the cargobay, some men dead in an instant due to the force, but it worked… brilliantly.

Stunned, but no time to waste, their shock is our advantage, up from the smoke far from the ambush. I need to steal a floater in the chaos and get to the city. Tarzel is magnificent warrior, his scream moving his men to burn severed limbs with repair tools to stop the bleeding and plant the thirst for the fight. Their forces are rushing towards our site, but we already stabbed 20-30 barricaders into the softsand, moving towards their forces. Kingston mercenaries screamed:
"Steeeeeel dreads! Take heads! bloodbaths of joy!"

Guns burning the sand around me as I'm running towards the big gunnerbot before it blasts our crew, Blade extended, sings like my child now, cutting through meat after metal,in a sea of gore, blood and grunts squirting out the misery of their innefective weak attempt to control the force of selfcarved skills born in anger and exiles. Limbs fly, the shocked severed heads of those who deserved it. My shieldcoat serves me well, metamorphing into a shelter wherever needed, I was so light and and fast I landed deep in their surrounding, but before any more guns start blasting my way, Tarzel started cracking necks as they haven’t seen him climbing the gunnerbot killing 5 in an instant with his bare hands, and a sixth with his favourite knife I can say by the smile of that toss, and another modded blaster of his own made a huge whole in a u-bot behind me. Their reinforcements are going to show up in no time.

"-See that Broel ! Right there, grab that floater, run and ill smash the path around for you ! Lets kill this gunnerbot first!"
It seems commander was piloting this third gunnerbot, harder to kill, pretty fast for a big machine, something specialized for a commander speaking: "You fools will not stand a tomn on this planet! surrender or we will add these punishments to your race points!"
Nothing makes me angry as these bizarre pitiful human clones working for the autonomous force. I screamed towards it, Tarzel stepping and crouching in my way to toss me up and towards the gunner. As I rocketed to the top of the machine, my blade slices the cockpit in half - his highness’ guts leaking out over the controls.

"Tarzel, now!"

A blast of 30 guns made a line of free field towards their floaters, I'm still running with the blade out, making me lighter with the titancoat, cutting guts in the way as much as I can so there's less work for my new brothers. I am almost sorry for leaving them, but this already seems like an unfair fight towards the local forces. Tarzel screams through flans and fires:

"-Free my men on Temba Broel, and we will follow you to all ends of the universe. And don't forget her name."

After all these favours, I won't forget. Kira. Holocard.

This floater works, instant speed. I need Kodin last so I will locate the emissary first. I will probably pick his signal around Brueloos palace or on the meeting, It will be easier to advise where he searched for the pendant to search together. But right now I am chased by 4 other soldiers on the floaters. Looks like fun. I tossed a knife in the eye of closest already allmost picking the rest. Three left, I should try to loose the rest. Inner city Temba, Brueloos palace, Taemo, I'm coming for you all.

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