Chapter 2. Kingston drone mercenaries

There is a temple, where this blade, the small mass called pendant and the front gate starts the trinity of the past. The pendant is both solid, yet not at the same time - probably unstable after some eons without being sustained. A solidshifting metal force only controllable by the blackblade's bearer, an Apesian emissary hiding in the inner city on Temba… this is What I learned from the decoded plaats… Once the pendant is triggered by the proximity of the blade in the hands of the bearer, the temple returns to life for a short time. Within that period of a single starrize, the temple gates must be unlocked else a chain reaction is set that will blow both the temple, and the planet, to dust. This perfection of such rigorous systems has been witnessed before, with several other artefacts across the galaxy wiping out entire civilisations due to governmental greed to harness the power of unstable dark mass, trying to control it for war purposes… Dark mass was a knowledge apparently mastered by ancient Apesians. They end up always indicting Apesians for catastrophes triggered by excavations and trying to move the artefacts. 8 planets were wiped out before a Specalliance consensus took place which sealed the temples with dead voidfield, postponing the experiments until more advanced technology comes into place to harness the power within.

The problems are multiple. How can I find a blackblade bearer, who must be found before the pendant? How to get on time to the temple them when I find the pendant? I could be walking through a city on one side of the planet when I feel the resonance of the blade signalling the pendant’s proximity, to find it that some collectionneur with it on his trading table and the temple on the other side of the planet. If I held even one tenth of the heritage I would be able to timejump one or two times in a cycle, not to mention with another Apesian. I need to find the Apesian emissary. This mission is overwhelming, and I’ve acquired a sick smile after so long waiting in the shades, because although it’s impossible, the answers are drawn to me through ancient hope.

Part of the answer lay with the Kingston Drone mercenaries in the end. During the K-drone transport, I met Tarzel, a mercenary, a very tough old blue-eyed crossbreed warrior with ears of Tembian whitesand hunterfaus, framing a weary stoneface as scarred as the temple itself. The deal with his men was harsh but after I paid five thousand prots I was aboard the ship, equipped even with a fake id Cloudfog smuggled out of Firteamon. But one night during the flight, his men attempted to seize my sword while I was eating, unleashing an inevitable chaos of melee… Exchanging blows and broken ribs made it clear that I was not holding back. The appearance of Tarzel came heavily, jumping down to the lower deck in animal mode. His heavy metal boots dented the floor with his landing, the big boss joining his crew, quickly turning this into one on one fight, drawing from me some decent blood from my nose and mouth. Unique physics I admitted, hard to track and avoid legwork and switches, with only my armoured coat saving me from the more serious blows. After my return of the dance of manly bloody favours, he seemed surprised by a decent fist in his left eye. It was personal to the point with his gun on my forehead and my blackblade on his neck, silence for 15 seconds. The Blade sung, its sound luring his weapon to his holster and drawing forth a chuckle… with the gun down, the crew starts laughing as well. His eyes had that animal shine, as a native warrior medal. We distanced a bit but my hand on the blade was still ready, not blinking. spitting blood to keep mouth dry. But it seems the fight ended for good, as they all relaxed around me, laughing like pirates on Texoniclorite.

-"Haven't had this much fun for a long time, hahah. You seem to be the truth, as they told me. Well now, I do apologise for bad manners… I have a rule… I don't take belongings from such skilful travellers. My name is Tarzel Kaentah, head of Kingston drone company. We have codex to stop and honour rival warriors. I know an Apesian when I fight one. Feel free, and tell me what brings you to Temba?"

Tarzel switched boldly from animal to an alter ego deep voice tone that pursued the cultural discussion offering the good and interesting conversation after a test of skills. I was convinced, intuitively, plus they are not on autonomous side. I am curious. Blade back in sheath.

-"I am Broel, on a mission that includes retaliation against autonomous, I have discovered that Temba is in great danger and can trigger a catastrophe for the rest of the universe and its future, one carved from great power in wrong hands… well… Perhaps to you it does not make any sense other than the actual problems of the occupation. But sense is going to be made at the Brueloos palace with galactic representatives soon. They are unmasking their plans finally, and I am purely dedicated by heritage to stop this."

-"Great power in wrong hands is more then enough in my books to understand how this universe works in my favour, Broel. Your appearance suits me, I know more about Apesians than you think, after all I’m Tembian born. A freelance worker like me, so to speak, sees and hears far like the eyes of freedom. So others tend to forget how far the greater picture spreads. I can light up your path by saying just this… Their excavations have grown around Temba, it seems that they have found something but unable to pinpoint it. And it belongs to natives." Tarzel switched so boldly knowing exactly what I'm after as a native. This means he has a lot of important information that I need right now. Our conversation switched into a walk and continued in the middle deck around the eyetable with few of his most trusted males and females.

-"Tarzel, can you tell me more about it, this is of utmost importance to me." -"They started to guard most of the Statues, ruins and ancient tunnels in an illegal attempt to exploit something, they even killed three trespassers with third party mercenaries hired as guards to avoid scandal, due to the twisted nature of no-ones land and everyones land, our land… one of the three was a scout of mine. Now this made very curious, so we sent some K-probes in the great south Moen tunnel to see what it is about. Right next to Moen, they found something they call a 'divine navigator." I was thrilled about this. It seems Temba hides more then one can imagine. A divine navigator hidden in the sands? I love my heritage, but this is becoming bigger then anything. Tarzel eyes of vengeance seeks answers too, this is a right time for allies. This device could mean only two things...

-“A divine navigator is one of the most complex machinery made by the ancient king Aoan the son, with the help of protectors, controllable only by the king himself, It is a system that grows roots of transformative powers into any mass entity reconfiguring it to six cosmic possibilities, powerful beyond any existing technology. Its source is clean dark mass. That is all I remember from the plaats. So they put up a law in front of the parliament, but continue excavations. It seems that autonomous are in the rush. This is a dangerous divinity in the wrong hands."

-"I have met many Apesians to know that you are the real galactic emissary, I even believe that you brought balance, rather then what they say… "

I lost my temper.

-"We tried! If it wasn't for the humans there would never been autonomous! But they let Apesians suffer with all their pointed fingers of blame! That is the truth! We are betrayed! They have been given a chance to save their birth planets with our Apesian blade bearer and his mercy in hard times, but the humans are responsible for an interdimensional incident leaking the darkmind into the cosmos right during the protowar 2. I understand what a young race is, but that non-parented greed to know more to the extent of collateral damage is unforgivable! Now look at us, look at everyone! You can understand that Tarzel, you are a half human after all, and that brought you to be a mercenary and a trader, and you have been tricked by humans more than by any other race."

-"...Thats why I'm here to help You, at least half of me."

Tarzel found a humour to tame my anger. Indeed an ally, but our smile turns dark after he informed me about the surprising fact about the Brueloos meeting.

-"You also dont know this… Taemo arrived in Noetra, possibly to attend a meeting in Brueloos palace," A massive ground and sky army is already where we're heading. Temba is the most secured planet in Noetra now, due to the nature of this meeting. At least 30 more representatives of the spec alliance are also there. Rahn is there, Flima as well. Lienpav the third is on his way. You know this means something big, if not another war. Also we cannot make a peaceful entrance to Temba, we will have to fight to land, and a bit far from the city..."

Taemo arrived...what I would give for his severed head dripping the last blood of life, drying out in my hands with his shock still on his ugly evil face, for all what he did to my millions of dead Apesians, and still i wouldn't be settled after eating his raw eyes out."

"-What you think Tarzel, should I pay him a visit then?"

But for the first time ever to say, Taemo might be the waste of time, because of my problem...a matter on the complexity of pendant on the one side of the planet, emissary on the other and temple on the third side, and no time to learn the rules in between. Only one shot of this. Or the whole planet blows. I would blow up the planet, Taemo and and the Specalliance, but The planet is populated, and the planet is mine. When we land I mustn't blow my cover before I find my emissary, this is going to be a serious fight, so it is time for serious questions.

-"Tarzel, what is the fastest transport you can find me, do you have the optiport in your base on Temba? I'm afraid that I literally need to be on two places at the same time with the mission i have, flying is too slow and too loud, traceable, and not stealthy. This part is very important. I have some more prots to pay for this favour."

-"We don't have optiports any more, everything was destroyed in base 2, we have drones and fighters in bases 1 and 4 but that’s traceable and too messy, stealth doesn't work either. Heavy armour is something we have plenty of, but other then that… well… I do have something… Broel… What if I were to ask YOU for a favour?"

Tarzel's story is finally emerging forward. It seems that we have similar goals on Temba. After all, he is Tembian born, thirsty for rebel action. His eyes shined lost in something only I am witnessing now, as he was hiding under his temple scarred face, what could this be?

-"Go into the city, near Yawan section 56, find "Kodin", give him this black cube, he will know what to do with it. He is the master mechanic, actually our science rebel... He has my prototype toy well hidden. It is something that we stole from the collaboration of technology between humans and autonomous. A Floatfront Sandrazer from Hadden industries, point one armoured war speedracer first of its kind… Groundspeed faster then any sky fighters, barely controllable by any of us, but you might know to handle it, and it is equipped with a turret gutcannon. That could be the solution to your problem. Now for this present in return, Broel… Free them… free my people on Temba, Broel. Give them freedom. I know where you're heading. I saw that coat on you in Tanosk, I saw that blade in Tanosk… One who runs with pride into death with a sword can make a difference. I don't need your prots, nor goods. Just free my men women and children of Temba, and we will follow you, you have my word… and…"

Tarzel's eyes drifted away the words, as he was struggling with his age to hide something precious to him, but forced him to ask in dark times like this, the blue iris were glooming of a certain pride and emotions that cracked the man in front of me, he looked back to me saying.

-"Broel… please… find my Kira, my only daughter. She's your age. She is on Temba, protecting a small outerblock left of Hulix, she is probably alone. Find her and protect her! And… tell her… actually just give her this"

Small locked holocard...

Tarzel… has a daughter… So many things, so little time, but I want to give this warrior a promise, after all you don’t see every starrize Tarzel believes in someone to the extent of his services. I am moved of his intuition that he might not see her ever again, I reacted without thinking, faster then mind, we, Apesians are… cosmic… to the roots.

-"Tarzel, my new friend, you have my word."

The moment was settled by the pilot on the deck. Time is 4tomn to Temba. Tarzel switched back to a machine of devouring evil, saying:

-"Good. Now, for our landing attempt fight, we have class 4 armorfield and we even have cluserblasters on this K-drone, and half of my best crew is here with me, more then enough to make a chaos big enough for you to get into the city, we will then regroup and stay in contact with a line that Kodin provides you."

We are entering Temba's atmosphere. Let's take this planet back.

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