Billain // 'Colonize' (Eatbrain) Chapter. 1


Chapter.1 Noetra Temba

have seen worlds filled with different generations - their people living and dying, nations falling under wars and devouring stars... yet I found very few the eyes of travellers remembering stories of the rebalance, the unimaginable... a saviour's burden that the last humans brought to this vast seas of stars. A story so old that few managed the necessary time jump before the rebalance struck systems that were never to be seen again, perhaps voidized. Relics of the past tell a story for children of the vastness on one side, and hypocritical jokes on the other, political interests of protoparliament of the specalliance. All except one side are spoken for - the natives - my bloodside. For we were the sacrificial blood.

We were exiled from our homes, spread far across galaxies. Now I live everywhere, an old-fashioned mercenary FE (Foreign Entity), surviving. All because I struggled to leave my blood behind. I stare at my hands like I expect memories to emerge, as they are proclaimed bloody for no reasons other then my heritage. Our tradition shares nothing but lost memories, myths and missions, sharpened by exterminations and attempts to erase - naturally tough material to dissolve.

My blood was Apesian. My sight reaches the horizon, thinking of those thousands of dreams, thinking of my father and his father, a mystery to everyone, not to mention the fearful dynasty. They feared us since the rebalance, so everyone cursed "the life key", to tame the fear. Because it is in the very nature to blame and to take blame. My eyes, set on the deserts of Noetra's Temba, no-one's planet. Where federations exchange all goods and evils, a neutral ground. To travel there, I smuggled myself in the technical hold of the ship K-drone attached to the Kingston mercenaries. Im spending seven cycles in that tight space, counting and trying to stretch my limbs, fighting with my own mind, searching for my bloodline's answers, cursed with dreams that stretch trough families, cursed by abilities and the headaches of being fugitive. I tricked my only friend Pana, leaving him on the Firteamon with a deceit that would save him from all of this. Pana helped me get my mind back, to remember my purpose, and for that gift I cannot afford to lose him - my last and dearest friend. I left him a message:

"It has come to this, it is logical after all the paths we crossed with your help... I will find my answers here and I will have no mercy for those who oppose me for acts I have not committed, and for the acts I am yet to commit. I have no regrets surrounding my birth as a warrior, born prepared to defend our idea and strike those who would threaten it. I have lost everything, and yet I feel every single thing lost is still alive, somewhere, placed between membranes in the universal fabric, coming back in dreams... And this will get them back... Everything is connected and things come to make more sense if you believe in the scale of cycles, space and reason. Through my deception towards you, I show your value to me, my friend. Stay alive. This needs to be the everyone's outcome of my story. Bloer"

My Pathcutter is silent finally. I was not aware of my possession at first, the Blackblade - I'm still learning its rules... learned its defence mode to attack mode switch, handle moves faster now. The sound of the blade out from the sheath used to be terrifying, probably because of those few scratches when I lost focus at last clash, couldn't believe that it can take damage... but as the scratches disappeared over time with my learned control, so did the fear. It is alive. Sratches were a mirror of my early doubts. It still seems like it's sleeping even in attacking, although it is interesting to hear a much clearer note as I position it horizontally relative to me - rendering it to become my default starting posture. And then this protosharpness, it cuts trough forcefields... the only reason this sword does not cleave my back and everything else in its way is due to its sheath being made of same material, an unknown alloy. With a feel like metal but changing weight depending on my focus - I know that it is feeding upon my mind, but it does not share in reciprocation. I'm still trying to understand these letters and a seal of three. It is clearly Apesian, possibly belonging to an ancient Apesian monarch. It is surely the darkest material I've ever seen; restful and seductive for the eyes that gaze upon it, both matte and reflective at the same time... I have seen these reflections since my youth, this sword feels like home... That planet feels like home... That is why I'm here, going there...

I have the advantage. What they don't know is that Temba is not an ordinary planet. The very mind of its nature has been underestimated once again, by the mere natural deceptive act of camouflage. The sand was hiding my dreams, and a mission. I am here to dig the grave of my purpose, dig the end to an end. For what its worth, there may be a way to stop the self proclaimed gods of the Autonomous. With no-one on my side, but my blackblade of victory, I will carve my entrance to the dimensions of Noetra's past to save what is left to save, for I am merciful towards innocent minds across the star seas, I will spill my blood upon the blades of the enemies for one last stand for the Apesians.

I am here to colonize back this planet. It will be my first royal word towards the autonomous.

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