New Release // Kursa - 'To Travel The Longest Road' EP

Release // To Travel The Longest Road LP

Artist // KURSA

Label // Self-released

Buy Link // HERE

Kursa shifts adeptly across the genre borders with this slab of organic-sounding skits with a sunny, smoky & psychadelic spine. The detuned, Wagon Christ-esque 'Strolling' walks down the shores of oldschool flavoured Trip-Hop; with audio comrades 'Icouldsitandwatchthewatersshimmerandrippleallday' and 'BoCdLyh' carrying with them seductive ethnic flavours. 'Fight Skit' and 'Inside A Dome-Like Structure' skirmish in Trap territory, with Sahara-like intensity on the flat bass in the latter underpinning tortured digitalism. Standout track on the LP though is 'Round To It' with continues in the Garage and Two-Step vein that Kursa recently exposed with his very popular 'Unaware' release through MTA Records. Check the Inspected upload above and just try to resist the urge to twitch!


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