MLR030 // Eiton

Eiton is one of the most significant producers in the French Techno Drum & Bass scene, as well as being part of the rising generation of music makers who try to change the face of this musical style. Inspired by the most twisted sounds of Techno Music, from Schranz to Minimal, he was initially discovered by Metrik and the UK based label ELP Collective, putting out his first release on Digital Venom - Ethanol - which was then remixed by Pyro. Influenced by almost all kinds of music, Eiton is always trying to modify and improve his style, birthing new forms of the Technoid sound through his evolving hooks. 

Eiton's released on labels such as Digital Venom, Impakt Records, T3K, Melting Pot Records, Necroid Recordings, Cyber Crunk Records, T-Free, Section 8 Recordings, Sinuous Recordings, Perkussiv Music, Insekto, Mind Outside, Tech Cycle Recordings, Synchronize Recordings, Close 2 Death, Trust In Music, Ex Machina Recordings & Assimilate. Today, Eiton is part of Perkussiv Music and T3K teams, and is turning UNC.Audio into a label with Sica aka RMBL, Quaterblack, Proton Kid and Ninecells.

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Tracklist //


Current Value - Gyrocopter (Bad Taste Recordings)

Survival & Silent Witness - Trust No-one (Dispatch Recordings)

Signs - Vermin (Eatbrain)

Allied - Universe (Mindtech Recordings)


Eiton - Cold

Eiton - Distance

Eiton = Luxury

Eiton - Git It

Eiton - Sequoia

Eiton - Grads

Eiton - Spirit

Eiton - Jealousy

Eiton - Simple Click

Eiton - Meduus

Eiton - Superhuman

Eiton - Kookon

Eiton - Trance

Eiton - Prazno

Eiton - Underground (VIP Mix)

Eiton - Us