New Artist // Rawtekk (Medschool / Hospital)

The latest part of the MethLab Mix Series is here, and we have a very special edition in the form of a new announcement to the MethLab roster - Rawtekk!

Hailing from Hamburg, and composed of accomplished professional sound designers Stefan and Christine Westphal; Rawtekk is an incredible live act fusing intricate electronica and live vocals. Their crossover style connects Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Idm; fused together by the lusciously unusual vocals of Christine – reminiscent of the surreal and enchanting styles of Bjork or Joanna Newsom. Their output is sophisticated whilst remaining mainly focussed on the dancefloor, designed to work in both club environments and more diverse festival stages as a live act.

Their debut LP ‘Sprouted and Formed’ dropped in mid-2013 on the highly respected Medschool offshoot of Drum and Bass heavyweight label Hospital Records. This 17 track album represents their manifesto of diversity; with beautifully heavy Dubstep in the form of ‘A Magnaminous Kind’s Will’, intricately heavy DnB in ‘Amber’s Love Was Like a Marble’, pounding wonky Techno in ‘Skrotum Left its Dwelling’ or the lush ambient vocal-led Halo. The album has been widely praised as an outstanding and significant debut, garnering them well deserved attention. The release of the LP follows a considerable number of releases on labels such as Syndrome Audio, Citrus Recordings, Disturbed Recordings and also including work with collaborator Phace, who worked on both the ‘Stretch Pack’ / ‘Life Goes On’ release on the Subtitles label and also subsequently commissioned them to remix the track ‘Angst’, from his Neosignal project. Further releases are set for Medschool in the coming year, with reworked VIP versions of tracks from the album amongst new material.

Rawtekk have been performing all over the world in venues such as London’s world-famous ‘Fabric’, as well as many other notorious venues across Europe. They are also producing sound and music professionally for companies while they are developing their acoustic audio branding worldwide. Furthermore they are producing commercial spots, soundlogos, imagefilms and they are developing sample libraries and demo songs for Steinberg's Cubase, Halion, Halion Sonic and Sequel 1-3.